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authorWolfram Sang <>2016-06-06 21:00:38 +0200
committerMichal Marek <>2016-06-20 17:37:45 +0200
commit78283edf2c01c38eb840a3de5ffd18fe2992ab64 (patch)
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parent543c37cb165049c3be24a0d4733e67caa2b33eef (diff)
kbuild: setlocalversion: print error to STDERR
I tried to use 'make O=...' from an unclean source tree. This triggered the error path of setlocalversion. But by printing to STDOUT, it created a broken localversion which then caused another (unrelated) error: "4.7.0-rc2Error: kernelrelease not valid - run make prepare to update it" exceeds 64 characters After printing to STDERR, the true build error gets displayed later: /home/wsa/Kernel/linux is not clean, please run 'make mrproper' in the '/home/wsa/Kernel/linux' directory. Signed-off-by: Wolfram Sang <> Signed-off-by: Michal Marek <>
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diff --git a/scripts/setlocalversion b/scripts/setlocalversion
index 63d91e22ed7c..966dd3924ea9 100755
--- a/scripts/setlocalversion
+++ b/scripts/setlocalversion
@@ -143,7 +143,7 @@ fi
if test -e include/config/auto.conf; then
. include/config/auto.conf
- echo "Error: kernelrelease not valid - run 'make prepare' to update it"
+ echo "Error: kernelrelease not valid - run 'make prepare' to update it" >&2
exit 1