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Merge tag 'docs-5.13-2' of git://
Pull documentation fixes from Jonathan Corbet: "A few late-arriving documentation fixes, including some oprofile cleanup, a kernel-doc fix, some regression-reporting updates, and the usual minor fixes" * tag 'docs-5.13-2' of git:// Enlisted oprofile version line removed oprofiled version output line removed from the list Removed the oprofiled version option docs: reporting-issues.rst: CC subsystem and maintainers on regressions docs: correct URL to bios and kernel developer's guide docs/core-api: Consistent code style docs/zh_CN: Adjust order and content of zh_CN/index.rst Documentation: input: joydev file corrections docs: Fix typo in Documentation/x86/x86_64/5level-paging.rst kernel-doc: Add support for __deprecated
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diff --git a/scripts/kernel-doc b/scripts/kernel-doc
index 2a85d34fdcd0..4840e748fca8 100755
--- a/scripts/kernel-doc
+++ b/scripts/kernel-doc
@@ -1777,6 +1777,7 @@ sub dump_function($$) {
$prototype =~ s/^noinline +//;
$prototype =~ s/__init +//;
$prototype =~ s/__init_or_module +//;
+ $prototype =~ s/__deprecated +//;
$prototype =~ s/__flatten +//;
$prototype =~ s/__meminit +//;
$prototype =~ s/__must_check +//;
diff --git a/scripts/ver_linux b/scripts/ver_linux
index a92acc703f9b..1a8ee4ff0e32 100755
--- a/scripts/ver_linux
+++ b/scripts/ver_linux
@@ -47,7 +47,6 @@ BEGIN {
printversion("Net-tools", version("ifconfig --version"))
printversion("Kbd", version("loadkeys -V"))
printversion("Console-tools", version("loadkeys -V"))
- printversion("Oprofile", version("oprofiled --version"))
printversion("Sh-utils", version("expr --v"))
printversion("Udev", version("udevadm --version"))
printversion("Wireless-tools", version("iwconfig --version"))