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Merge tag 'tpmdd-next-v5.13' of git://
Pull tpm updates from Jarkko Sakkinen: "New features: - ARM TEE backend for kernel trusted keys to complete the existing TPM backend - ASN.1 format for TPM2 trusted keys to make them interact with the user space stack, such as OpenConnect VPN Other than that, a bunch of bug fixes" * tag 'tpmdd-next-v5.13' of git:// KEYS: trusted: Fix missing null return from kzalloc call char: tpm: fix error return code in tpm_cr50_i2c_tis_recv() MAINTAINERS: Add entry for TEE based Trusted Keys doc: trusted-encrypted: updates with TEE as a new trust source KEYS: trusted: Introduce TEE based Trusted Keys KEYS: trusted: Add generic trusted keys framework security: keys: trusted: Make sealed key properly interoperable security: keys: trusted: use ASN.1 TPM2 key format for the blobs security: keys: trusted: fix TPM2 authorizations oid_registry: Add TCG defined OIDS for TPM keys lib: Add ASN.1 encoder tpm: vtpm_proxy: Avoid reading host log when using a virtual device tpm: acpi: Check eventlog signature before using it tpm: efi: Use local variable for calculating final log size
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+--- ASN.1 for TPM 2.0 keys
+ type OBJECT IDENTIFIER ({tpm2_key_type}),
+ parent INTEGER ({tpm2_key_parent}),
+ pubkey OCTET STRING ({tpm2_key_pub}),
+ privkey OCTET STRING ({tpm2_key_priv})
+ }