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Merge tag 'armsoc-defconfig' of git://
Pull ARM SoC defconfig updates from Olof Johansson: "We keep this in a separate branch to avoid cross-branch conflicts, but most of the material here is fairly boring -- some new drivers turned on for hardware since they were merged, and some refreshed files due to time having moved a lot of entries around" * tag 'armsoc-defconfig' of git:// (47 commits) ARM: configs: multi_v5: Remove duplicate ASPEED options arm64: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_KEYBOARD_SNVS_PWRKEY as module ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_ARM_IMX_CPUFREQ_DT defconfig: arm64: enable i.MX8 SCU octop driver arm64: defconfig: Add i.MX SCU SoC info driver arm64: defconfig: Enable CONFIG_QORIQ_THERMAL ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Select CONFIG_NVMEM_SNVS_LPGPR arm64: defconfig: ARM_IMX_CPUFREQ_DT=m ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Add TPM PWM support by default ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Enable the OV2680 camera driver ARM: imx_v6_v7_defconfig: Enable CONFIG_THERMAL_STATISTICS arm64: defconfig: NVMEM_IMX_OCOTP=y for imx8m ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: enable STMFX pinctrl support arm64 defconfig: enable LVM support ARM: configs: multi_v5: Add more ASPEED devices arm64: defconfig: Add Tegra194 PCIe driver ARM: configs: aspeed: Add new drivers ARM: exynos_defconfig: Enable Panfrost and Lima drivers ARM: multi_v7_defconfig: Enable Panfrost and Lima drivers arm64 defconfig: enable Mellanox cards ...
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