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Merge tag 'kgdb-5.6-rc1' of git://
Pull kgdb updates from Daniel Thompson: "Everything for kgdb this time around is either simplifications or clean ups. In particular Douglas Anderson's modifications to the backtrace machine in the *last* dev cycle have enabled Doug to tidy up some MIPS specific backtrace code and stop sharing certain data structures across the kernel. Note that The MIPS folks were on Cc: for the MIPS patch and reacted positively (but without an explicit Acked-by). Doug also got rid of the implicit switching between tasks and register sets during some but not of kdb's backtrace actions (because the implicit switching was either confusing for users, pointless or both). Finally there is a coverity fix and patch to replace open coded console traversal with the proper helper function" * tag 'kgdb-5.6-rc1' of git:// kdb: Use for_each_console() helper kdb: remove redundant assignment to pointer bp kdb: Get rid of confusing diag msg from "rd" if current task has no regs kdb: Gid rid of implicit setting of the current task / regs kdb: kdb_current_task shouldn't be exported kdb: kdb_current_regs should be private MIPS: kdb: Remove old workaround for backtracing on other CPUs
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