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authorShakeel Butt <>2020-12-18 14:01:38 -0800
committerLinus Torvalds <>2020-12-19 11:18:37 -0800
commit93bb59ca5e97a99922a01a43934c18dc7adfd968 (patch)
treeacd92ea88494b9aac79d2f6f74288a30b0b3f157 /virt
parentbec78efd0061365a76f88e498affd7106b256823 (diff)
mm, kvm: account kvm_vcpu_mmap to kmemcg
A VCPU of a VM can allocate couple of pages which can be mmap'ed by the user space application. At the moment this memory is not charged to the memcg of the VMM. On a large machine running large number of VMs or small number of VMs having large number of VCPUs, this unaccounted memory can be very significant. So, charge this memory to the memcg of the VMM. Please note that lifetime of these allocations corresponds to the lifetime of the VMM. Link: Signed-off-by: Shakeel Butt <> Acked-by: Roman Gushchin <> Acked-by: Paolo Bonzini <> Cc: Johannes Weiner <> Cc: Michal Hocko <> Signed-off-by: Andrew Morton <> Signed-off-by: Linus Torvalds <>
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2 files changed, 2 insertions, 2 deletions
diff --git a/virt/kvm/coalesced_mmio.c b/virt/kvm/coalesced_mmio.c
index e2c197fd4f9d..62bd908ecd58 100644
--- a/virt/kvm/coalesced_mmio.c
+++ b/virt/kvm/coalesced_mmio.c
@@ -111,7 +111,7 @@ int kvm_coalesced_mmio_init(struct kvm *kvm)
struct page *page;
- page = alloc_page(GFP_KERNEL | __GFP_ZERO);
+ page = alloc_page(GFP_KERNEL_ACCOUNT | __GFP_ZERO);
if (!page)
return -ENOMEM;
diff --git a/virt/kvm/kvm_main.c b/virt/kvm/kvm_main.c
index 2541a17ff1c4..f69357a29688 100644
--- a/virt/kvm/kvm_main.c
+++ b/virt/kvm/kvm_main.c
@@ -3116,7 +3116,7 @@ static int kvm_vm_ioctl_create_vcpu(struct kvm *kvm, u32 id)
BUILD_BUG_ON(sizeof(struct kvm_run) > PAGE_SIZE);
- page = alloc_page(GFP_KERNEL | __GFP_ZERO);
+ page = alloc_page(GFP_KERNEL_ACCOUNT | __GFP_ZERO);
if (!page) {
r = -ENOMEM;
goto vcpu_free;