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@@ -73,13 +73,17 @@ configuration of fault-injection capabilities.
Any positive value limits failures to only processes indicated by
-- /debug/*/address-start:
-- /debug/*/address-end:
+- /debug/*/require-start:
+- /debug/*/require-end:
+- /debug/*/reject-start:
+- /debug/*/reject-end:
specifies the range of virtual addresses tested during
stacktrace walking. Failure is injected only if some caller
- in the walked stacktrace lies within this range.
- Default is [0,ULONG_MAX) (whole of virtual address space).
+ in the walked stacktrace lies within the required range, and
+ none lies within the rejected range.
+ Default required range is [0,ULONG_MAX) (whole of virtual address space).
+ Default rejected range is [0,0).
- /debug/*/stacktrace-depth: