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@@ -28,11 +28,28 @@ across the sample scripts. Usage example is printed on errors::
-b : ($BURST) HW level bursting of SKBs
-v : ($VERBOSE) verbose
-x : ($DEBUG) debug
+ -6 : ($IP6) IPv6
-w : ($DELAY) Tx Delay value (ns)
+ -a : ($APPEND) Script will not reset generator's state, but will append its config
The global variable being set is also listed. E.g. the required
interface/device parameter "-i" sets variable $DEV.
+"-a" parameter may be used to create different flows simultaneously.
+In this mode script will keep the existing config, will append its settings.
+In this mode you'll have to manually run traffic with "pg_ctrl start".
+For example you may use:
+ source ./samples/pktgen/
+ pg_ctrl reset
+ # add first device
+ ./ -a -i ens1f0 -m 34:80:0d:a3:fc:c9 -t 8
+ # add second device
+ ./ -a -i ens1f1 -m 34:80:0d:a3:fc:c9 -t 8
+ # run joint traffic on two devs
+ pg_ctrl start
Common functions
The file provides; Three different shell functions for