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2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: document MPP usageclearfog-4.9Russell King
2017-01-05PCI: mvebu: extend PCIe reset durationRussell King
2017-01-05sfp: removal of defsRussell King
2017-01-05implement slot capabilities (SSPL)Russell King
2017-01-05mvebu/clearfog updatesRussell King
2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: add SFP module supportRussell King
2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: increase speed of i2c0 to 400kHzRussell King
2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: emmc on clearfog baseRussell King
2017-01-05Merge branches 'clearfog-sent', 'mvebu-cpuidle' and 'phy' into clearfogRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: ensure link drops are reportedRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: propagate PHY interface mode to MAC driverRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: fix marvell phy status readingRussell King
2017-01-05phy: marvell: 88E1540: add flow control supportRussell King
2017-01-05phy: marvell: 88E1111: add flow control supportRussell King
2017-01-05phy: marvell: 88E1512: add flow control supportRussell King
2017-01-05sfp/phylink: hook up eeprom functionsRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: add module EEPROM reading supportRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add module EEPROM supportRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: add EEE supportRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add EEE supportRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: enable flow control for fixed connectionsRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: enable flow control for PHY connectionsRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: add flow control support via phylinkRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add flow control supportRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: add nway_reset supportRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add ethtool nway_reset supportRussell King
2017-01-05phy: fixed-phy: remove fixed_phy_update_state()Russell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: disable MVNETA_CAUSE_PSC_SYNC_CHANGE interruptRussell King
2017-01-05net: mvneta: convert to phylinkRussell King
2017-01-05sfp: display SFP module informationRussell King
2017-01-05sfp: add phylink based SFP module supportRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add support for MII ioctl access to Clause 45 PHYsRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add hooks for SFP supportRussell King
2017-01-05phylink: add phylink infrastructureRussell King
2017-01-05phy: add I2C mdio busRussell King
2017-01-05phy: export phy_start_machine() for phylinkRussell King
2017-01-05phy: provide a hook for link up/link down eventsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: add 1000Base-X to phy settings tableRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: move phy_lookup_setting() to phy-coreRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: split out PHY speed and duplex string generationRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: improve phylib correctness for non-autoneg settingsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: avoid setting unsupported EEE advertismentsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: clean up mmd_phy_indirect()Russell King
2017-01-05net: phy: remove the indirect MMD read/write methodsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: convert micrel to new read_mmd/write_mmd driver methodsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: switch all users to phy_(read|write)_mmd()Russell King
2017-01-05net: phy: make phy_(read|write)_mmd() generic MMD accessorsRussell King
2017-01-05net: phy: move phy MMD accessors to phy-core.cRussell King
2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: move uart nodesRussell King
2017-01-05ARM: dts: armada388-clearfog: move ethernet related nodesRussell King