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2019-06-14docs: pcmcia: convert docs to ReST and rename to *.rstMauro Carvalho Chehab
2018-08-18pcmcia: remove long deprecated pcmcia_request_exclusive_irq() functionLinus Torvalds
2016-09-23tools: move pcmcia crc32hash tool from DocumentationShuah Khan
2015-08-07pcmcia: Fix typo in locking documentationNik Nyby
2014-09-26Documentation: use subdir-y to avoid unnecessary built-in.o filesPeter Foley
2010-09-29pcmcia: use autoconfiguration feature for ioports and iomemDominik Brodowski
2010-09-29pcmcia: convert pcmcia_request_configuration to pcmcia_enable_deviceDominik Brodowski
2010-09-29pcmcia: do not use win_req_t when calling pcmcia_request_window()Dominik Brodowski
2010-08-03pcmcia: do not use io_req_t when calling pcmcia_request_io()Dominik Brodowski
2010-07-30pcmcia: remove cs_types.hDominik Brodowski
2010-05-10pcmcia: dev_node removal (core)Dominik Brodowski
2010-05-10pcmcia: re-work pcmcia_request_irq()Dominik Brodowski
2010-02-17pcmcia: use ops_mutex for rsrc_{mgr,nonstatic} lockingDominik Brodowski
2010-02-17pcmcia: assert locking to struct pcmcia_deviceDominik Brodowski
2010-02-17pcmcia: add locking documentationDominik Brodowski
2009-11-09pcmcia: remove now-defunct cs_error, pcmcia_error_{func,ret}Dominik Brodowski
2009-11-08pcmcia: add new CIS access helpersDominik Brodowski
2009-09-23Documentation/: fix warnings from -Wmissing-prototypes in HOSTCFLAGSLadinu Chandrasinghe
2008-10-30.gitignore updatesAlexey Dobriyan
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2008-08-23pcmcia: add pcmcia_loop_config() helperDominik Brodowski
2008-08-12docsrc: fix crc32hash typeRandy Dunlap
2008-08-12docsrc: build Documentation/ sourcesRandy Dunlap
2008-02-05pcmcia: replace kio_addr_t with unsigned int everywhereOlof Johansson
2007-05-07add new_id to PCMCIA driversBernhard Walle
2006-06-30[PATCH] pcmcia: expose tool in pcmcia/Documentation/pcmcia/Randy Dunlap
2006-03-31[PATCH] pcmcia: convert remaining users of pcmcia_release_io and _irqDominik Brodowski
2006-03-31[PATCH] pcmcia: add pcmcia_disable_deviceDominik Brodowski
2006-01-06[PATCH] pcmcia: unify attach, EVENT_CARD_INSERTION handlers into one probe ca...Dominik Brodowski
2006-01-06[PATCH] pcmcia: unify detach, REMOVAL_EVENT handlers into one remove callbackDominik Brodowski
2006-01-05[PATCH] pcmcia: new suspend coreDominik Brodowski
2005-07-28[PATCH] pcmcia: update documentationDominik Brodowski
2005-07-12[PATCH] pcmcia: Documentation updateDominik Brodowski
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