path: root/arch/csky/abiv2
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-02-27csky: Fixup compile errorGuo Ren
2021-02-27csky: Fixup swaponGuo Ren
2021-02-27csky: pgtable.h: Coding conventionGuo Ren
2021-01-12csky: Reconstruct VDSO frameworkGuo Ren
2021-01-12csky: Fixup update_mmu_cache called with user io mappingGuo Ren
2021-01-12csky: Fix TLB maintenance synchronization problemGuo Ren
2021-01-12csky: Add memory layout 2.5G(user):1.5G(kernel)Guo Ren
2020-07-31csky: Fixup kprobes handler couldn't change pcGuo Ren
2020-07-31csky: Fixup duplicated restore sp in RESTORE_REGS_FTRACEGuo Ren
2020-05-28csky: Coding convention in entry.SGuo Ren
2020-05-28csky: Fixup abiv2 syscall_trace break a4 & a5Guo Ren
2020-05-28csky: Fixup CONFIG_PREEMPT panicGuo Ren
2020-05-13csky: Fixup msa highest 3 bits maskLiu Yibin
2020-05-13csky/ftrace: Fixup error when disable CONFIG_DYNAMIC_FTRACEGuo Ren
2020-04-03csky: Fixup cpu speculative execution to IO areaGuo Ren
2020-03-08csky: Implement ftrace with regsGuo Ren
2020-03-08csky: Fixup init_fpu compile warning with __initGuo Ren
2020-02-21csky: Add flush_icache_mm to defer flush icache allGuo Ren
2020-02-21csky: Optimize abiv2 copy_to_user_page with VM_EXECGuo Ren
2020-02-21csky: Enable defer flush_dcache_page for abiv2 cpus (807/810/860)Guo Ren
2020-02-21csky: Remove unnecessary flush_icache_* implementationGuo Ren
2020-02-21csky: Set regs->usp to kernel sp, when the exception is from kernelGuo Ren
2019-07-19Merge tag 'csky-for-linus-5.3-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2019-07-19csky: Use generic asid algorithm to implement switch_mmGuo Ren
2019-07-08Merge branch 'siginfo-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2019-05-29signal: Remove the task parameter from force_sig_faultEric W. Biederman
2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner
2019-04-22csky: Use va_pa_offset instead of phys_offsetGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Support vmlinux bootup with MMU offGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Add perf_arch_fetch_caller_regs supportMao Han
2019-04-22csky: Fixup wrong update_mmu_cache implementationGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Support dynamic start physical addressGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Reconstruct signal processingGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Use in_syscall & forget_syscall instead of r11_sigGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Update syscall_trace_enter/exit implementationGuo Ren
2019-04-22csky/ftrace: Add dynamic function tracer (include graph tracer)Guo Ren
2019-04-22csky: Fixup vdsp&fpu issues in kernelGuo Ren
2018-12-31csky: ftrace call graph supported.Guo Ren
2018-12-31csky: basic ftrace supportedGuo Ren
2018-12-31csky: fixup save hi,lo,dspcr regs in switch_stack.Guo Ren
2018-12-31csky: fixup remove vdsp implement for kernel.Guo Ren
2018-12-31csky: fixup abiv2 mmap(... O_SYNC) failed.Guo Ren
2018-10-26csky: Misc headersGuo Ren
2018-10-26csky: Library functionsGuo Ren
2018-10-26csky: ELF and module probeGuo Ren
2018-10-26csky: VDSO and rt_sigreturnGuo Ren
2018-10-26csky: Process management and SignalGuo Ren
2018-10-25csky: MMU and page table managementGuo Ren
2018-10-25csky: Cache and TLB routinesGuo Ren