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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-19riscv: dts: fu740: fix cache-controller interruptsDavid Abdurachmanov
2021-06-18riscv: Ensure BPF_JIT_REGION_START aligned with PMD sizeJisheng Zhang
2021-06-18riscv: kasan: Fix MODULES_VADDR evaluation due to local variables' nameJisheng Zhang
2021-06-12riscv: sifive: fix Kconfig errata warningRandy Dunlap
2021-06-12riscv32: Use medany C model for modulesKhem Raj
2021-06-11riscv: Fix BUILTIN_DTB for sifive and microchip socAlexandre Ghiti
2021-06-10riscv: alternative: fix typo in macro nameVitaly Wool
2021-06-10riscv: code patching only works on !XIP_KERNELJisheng Zhang
2021-06-10riscv: xip: support runtime trap patchingVitaly Wool
2021-06-01Merge remote-tracking branch 'riscv/riscv-wx-mappings' into fixesPalmer Dabbelt
2021-06-01RISC-V: Fix memblock_free() usages in init_resources()Wende Tan
2021-06-01riscv: skip errata_cip_453.o if CONFIG_ERRATA_SIFIVE_CIP_453 is disabledVincent
2021-06-01riscv: mm: Fix W+X mappings at bootJisheng Zhang
2021-05-29riscv: Use -mno-relax when using lld linkerKhem Raj
2021-05-22riscv: kexec: Fix W=1 build warningsJisheng Zhang
2021-05-22riscv: kprobes: Fix build error when MMU=nJisheng Zhang
2021-05-22riscv: Select ARCH_USE_MEMTESTKefeng Wang
2021-05-22riscv: stacktrace: fix the riscv stacktrace when CONFIG_FRAME_POINTER enabledChen Huang
2021-05-06riscv: remove unused handle_exception symbolRouven Czerwinski
2021-05-06riscv: Consistify protect_kernel_linear_mapping_text_rodata() useGeert Uytterhoeven
2021-05-06riscv: enable SiFive errata CIP-453 and CIP-1200 Kconfig only if CONFIG_64BIT=yVincent Chen
2021-05-06riscv: Only extend kernel reservation if mapped read-onlyGeert Uytterhoeven
2021-05-06Merge tag 'riscv-for-linus-5.13-mw0' of git:// Torvalds
2021-05-05Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2021-05-05Merge tag 'pci-v5.13-changes' of git:// Torvalds
2021-05-05mm: generalize SYS_SUPPORTS_HUGETLBFS (rename as ARCH_SUPPORTS_HUGETLBFS)Anshuman Khandual
2021-05-04Merge tag 'm68knommu-for-v5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-05-04riscv: dts: Add PCIe support for the SiFive FU740-C000 SoCGreentime Hu
2021-05-02Merge branch 'work.misc' of git:// Torvalds
2021-05-01RISC-V: Always define XIP_FIXUPPalmer Dabbelt
2021-05-01riscv: Remove 32b kernel mapping from page table dumpAlexandre Ghiti
2021-05-01riscv: Fix 32b kernel build with CONFIG_DEBUG_VIRTUAL=yAlexandre Ghiti
2021-05-01RISC-V: Fix error code returned by riscv_hartid_to_cpuid()Anup Patel
2021-04-30mm: move mem_init_print_info() into mm_init()Kefeng Wang
2021-04-26RISC-V: Enable Microchip PolarFire ICICLE SoCAtish Patra
2021-04-26RISC-V: Initial DTS for Microchip ICICLE boardAtish Patra
2021-04-26RISC-V: Add Microchip PolarFire SoC kconfig optionAtish Patra
2021-04-26RISC-V: enable XIPVitaly Wool
2021-04-26RISC-V: Add crash kernel supportNick Kossifidis
2021-04-26RISC-V: Add kdump supportNick Kossifidis
2021-04-26RISC-V: Improve init_resources()Nick Kossifidis
2021-04-26RISC-V: Add kexec supportNick Kossifidis
2021-04-26riscv: vdso: fix and clean-up MakefileJisheng Zhang
2021-04-26riscv/mm: Use BUG_ON instead of if condition followed by BUG.zhouchuangao
2021-04-26riscv/kprobe: fix kernel panic when invoking sys_read traced by kprobeLiao Chang
2021-04-26riscv: Set ARCH_HAS_STRICT_MODULE_RWX if MMUJisheng Zhang
2021-04-26riscv: module: Create module allocations without exec permissionsJisheng Zhang
2021-04-26riscv: bpf: Avoid breaking W^XJisheng Zhang
2021-04-26riscv: bpf: Move bpf_jit_alloc_exec() and bpf_jit_free_exec() to coreJisheng Zhang
2021-04-26riscv: kprobes: Implement alloc_insn_page()Jisheng Zhang