path: root/block/kyber-iosched.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-11kyber: fix out of bounds access when preemptedOmar Sandoval
2021-03-04scsi: sbitmap: Move allocation hint into sbitmapMing Lei
2021-03-04scsi: sbitmap: Maintain allocation round_robin in sbitmapMing Lei
2021-02-22kyber: introduce kyber_depth_updated()Yang Yang
2021-02-22block: get rid of the trace rq insert wrapperChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-01-24blk-mq: Improve performance of non-mq IO schedulers with multiple HW queuesJan Kara
2020-09-03blk-mq: Use pointers for blk_mq_tags bitmap tagsJohn Garry
2020-09-01block: Move blk_mq_bio_list_merge() into blk-merge.cBaolin Wang
2020-05-29blk-mq: remove the bio argument to ->prepare_requestChristoph Hellwig
2019-07-02blk-mq: remove blk_mq_put_ctx()Bart Van Assche
2019-06-20block: remove the bi_phys_segments field in struct bioChristoph Hellwig
2019-04-30block: switch all files cleared marked as GPLv2 to SPDX tagsChristoph Hellwig
2018-12-20kyber: use sbitmap add_wait_queue/list_del wait helpersJens Axboe
2018-11-07blk-mq: allow software queue to map to multiple hardware queuesJens Axboe
2018-11-07block: get rid of MQ scheduler ops unionJens Axboe
2018-11-07block: remove dead elevator codeJens Axboe
2018-09-28kyber: fix integer overflow of latency targets on 32-bitOmar Sandoval
2018-09-27kyber: add tracepointsOmar Sandoval
2018-09-27kyber: implement improved heuristicsOmar Sandoval
2018-09-27kyber: don't make domain token sbitmap larger than necessaryOmar Sandoval
2018-09-27block: move call of scheduler's ->completed_request() hookOmar Sandoval
2018-05-30block: kyber: make kyber more friendly with mergingJianchao Wang
2018-05-10kyber-iosched: update shallow depth when setting up hardware queueJens Axboe
2018-05-09block: get rid of struct blk_issue_statOmar Sandoval
2018-02-24block: kyber: fix domain token leak during requeueMing Lei
2017-12-06kyber: fix another domain token wait queue hangOmar Sandoval
2017-11-01block: kyber: check if there are requests in ctx in kyber_has_work()Ming Lei
2017-10-17kyber: fix hang on domain token wait queueOmar Sandoval
2017-07-03Merge branch 'sched-core-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2017-06-20sched/wait: Disambiguate wq_entry->task_list and wq_head->task_list namingIngo Molnar
2017-06-20sched/wait: Rename wait_queue_t => wait_queue_entry_tIngo Molnar
2017-06-18blk-mq-sched: unify request prepare methodsChristoph Hellwig
2017-06-18blk-mq-sched: unify request finished methodsChristoph Hellwig
2017-05-04kyber: add debugfs attributesOmar Sandoval
2017-04-20blk-stat: convert blk-stat bucket callback to signedStephen Bates
2017-04-14blk-mq: introduce Kyber multiqueue I/O schedulerOmar Sandoval