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2020-01-09crypto: algapi - enforce that all instances have a ->free() methodEric Biggers
All instances need to have a ->free() method, but people could forget to set it and then not notice if the instance is never unregistered. To help detect this bug earlier, don't allow an instance without a ->free() method to be registered, and complain loudly if someone tries to do it. Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2020-01-09crypto: algapi - pass instance to crypto_grab_spawn()Eric Biggers
Currently, crypto_spawn::inst is first used temporarily to pass the instance to crypto_grab_spawn(). Then crypto_init_spawn() overwrites it with crypto_spawn::next, which shares the same union. Finally, crypto_spawn::inst is set again when the instance is registered. Make this less convoluted by just passing the instance as an argument to crypto_grab_spawn() instead. Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2020-01-09crypto: akcipher - pass instance to crypto_grab_akcipher()Eric Biggers
Initializing a crypto_akcipher_spawn currently requires: 1. Set spawn->base.inst to point to the instance. 2. Call crypto_grab_akcipher(). But there's no reason for these steps to be separate, and in fact this unneeded complication has caused at least one bug, the one fixed by commit 6db43410179b ("crypto: adiantum - initialize crypto_spawn::inst") So just make crypto_grab_akcipher() take the instance as an argument. To keep the function call from getting too unwieldy due to this extra argument, also introduce a 'mask' variable into pkcs1pad_create(). Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2019-05-30treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 152Thomas Gleixner
Based on 1 normalized pattern(s): this program is free software you can redistribute it and or modify it under the terms of the gnu general public license as published by the free software foundation either version 2 of the license or at your option any later version extracted by the scancode license scanner the SPDX license identifier GPL-2.0-or-later has been chosen to replace the boilerplate/reference in 3029 file(s). Signed-off-by: Thomas Gleixner <> Reviewed-by: Allison Randal <> Cc: Link: Signed-off-by: Greg Kroah-Hartman <>
2019-04-18crypto: akcipher - default implementations for request callbacksVitaly Chikunov
Because with the introduction of EC-RDSA and change in workings of RSA in regard to sign/verify, akcipher could have not all callbacks defined, check the presence of callbacks in crypto_register_akcipher() and provide default implementation if the callback is not implemented. This is suggested by Herbert Xu instead of checking the presence of the callback on every request. Signed-off-by: Vitaly Chikunov <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2018-11-09crypto: user - clean up report structure copyingEric Biggers
There have been a pretty ridiculous number of issues with initializing the report structures that are copied to userspace by NETLINK_CRYPTO. Commit 4473710df1f8 ("crypto: user - Prepare for CRYPTO_MAX_ALG_NAME expansion") replaced some strncpy()s with strlcpy()s, thereby introducing information leaks. Later two other people tried to replace other strncpy()s with strlcpy() too, which would have introduced even more information leaks: - - Commit cac5818c25d0 ("crypto: user - Implement a generic crypto statistics") also uses the buggy strlcpy() approach and therefore leaks uninitialized memory to userspace. A fix was proposed, but it was originally incomplete. Seeing as how apparently no one can get this right with the current approach, change all the reporting functions to: - Start by memsetting the report structure to 0. This guarantees it's always initialized, regardless of what happens later. - Initialize all strings using strscpy(). This is safe after the memset, ensures null termination of long strings, avoids unnecessary work, and avoids the -Wstringop-truncation warnings from gcc. - Use sizeof(var) instead of sizeof(type). This is more robust against copy+paste errors. For simplicity, also reuse the -EMSGSIZE return value from nla_put(). Signed-off-by: Eric Biggers <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2017-01-13crypto: Replaced gcc specific attributes with macros from compiler.hGideon Israel Dsouza
Continuing from this commit: 52f5684c8e1e ("kernel: use macros from compiler.h instead of __attribute__((...))") I submitted 4 total patches. They are part of task I've taken up to increase compiler portability in the kernel. I've cleaned up the subsystems under /kernel /mm /block and /security, this patch targets /crypto. There is <linux/compiler.h> which provides macros for various gcc specific constructs. Eg: __weak for __attribute__((weak)). I've cleaned all instances of gcc specific attributes with the right macros for the crypto subsystem. I had to make one additional change into compiler-gcc.h for the case when one wants to use this: __attribute__((aligned) and not specify an alignment factor. From the gcc docs, this will result in the largest alignment for that data type on the target machine so I've named the macro __aligned_largest. Please advise if another name is more appropriate. Signed-off-by: Gideon Israel Dsouza <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2015-12-09crypto: akcipher - add akcipher declarations needed by templates.Andrzej Zaborowski
Add a struct akcipher_instance and struct akcipher_spawn similar to how AEAD declares them and the macros for converting to/from crypto_instance/crypto_spawn. Also add register functions to avoid exposing crypto_akcipher_type. Signed-off-by: Andrew Zaborowski <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2015-10-20crypto: akcipher - Don't #include crypto/public_key.h as the contents aren't ↵David Howells
used Don't #include crypto/public_key.h in akcipher as the contents of the header aren't used and changes in a future patch cause it to fail to compile if CONFIG_KEYS=n. Signed-off-by: David Howells <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2015-06-25crypto: akcipher - fix spelling cihper -> cipherTadeusz Struk
Signed-off-by: Tadeusz Struk <> Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>
2015-06-17crypto: akcipher - add PKE APITadeusz Struk
Add Public Key Encryption API. Signed-off-by: Tadeusz Struk <> Made CRYPTO_AKCIPHER invisible like other type config options. Signed-off-by: Herbert Xu <>