path: root/crypto/gcm.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-07mm, treewide: rename kzfree() to kfree_sensitive()Waiman Long
2020-07-16crypto: algapi - use common mechanism for inheriting flagsEric Biggers
2020-03-06crypto: gcm - simplify error handling in crypto_rfc4543_create()Eric Biggers
2020-03-06crypto: gcm - simplify error handling in crypto_rfc4106_create()Eric Biggers
2020-01-09crypto: gcm - use crypto_grab_ahash() and simplify error pathsEric Biggers
2020-01-09crypto: aead - pass instance to crypto_grab_aead()Eric Biggers
2020-01-09crypto: skcipher - pass instance to crypto_grab_skcipher()Eric Biggers
2020-01-09crypto: remove propagation of CRYPTO_TFM_RES_* flagsEric Biggers
2019-08-09crypto: gcm - restrict assoclen for rfc4543Iuliana Prodan
2019-08-09crypto: gcm - helper functions for assoclen/authsize checkIuliana Prodan
2019-06-19treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 500Thomas Gleixner
2019-04-19crypto: gcm - fix incompatibility between "gcm" and "gcm_base"Eric Biggers
2019-04-18crypto: run initcalls for generic implementations earlierEric Biggers
2019-01-25crypto: gcm - use template array registering API to simplify the codeXiongfeng Wang
2019-01-18crypto: gcm - use correct endianness type in gcm_hash_len()Eric Biggers
2018-09-28crypto: null - Remove VLA usage of skcipherKees Cook
2017-12-22crypto: null - Get rid of crypto_{get,put}_default_null_skcipher2()Eric Biggers
2017-11-03crypto: gcm - move to generic async completionGilad Ben-Yossef
2017-09-22crypto: gcm - Use GCM IV size constantCorentin LABBE
2017-05-23crypto: gcm - wait for crypto op not signal safeGilad Ben-Yossef
2016-11-01crypto: skcipher - Get rid of crypto_spawn_skcipher2()Eric Biggers
2016-11-01crypto: skcipher - Get rid of crypto_grab_skcipher2()Eric Biggers
2016-10-25crypto: gcm - Fix error return code in crypto_gcm_create_common()Wei Yongjun
2016-10-02crypto: gcm - Fix IV buffer size in crypto_gcm_setkeyOndrej Mosnáček
2016-07-18crypto: gcm - Use skcipherHerbert Xu
2016-06-20crypto: gcm - Filter out async ghash if necessaryHerbert Xu
2015-09-02Merge branch 'for-4.3/sg' of git:// Torvalds
2015-08-17crypto: replace scatterwalk_sg_chain with sg_chainDan Williams
2015-08-17crypto: aead - Remove CRYPTO_ALG_AEAD_NEW flagHerbert Xu
2015-07-14crypto: gcm - Use new IV conventionHerbert Xu
2015-06-17crypto: gcm - Convert to new AEAD interfaceHerbert Xu
2015-05-22crypto: gcm - Use default null skcipherHerbert Xu
2015-05-13crypto: gcm - Use crypto_aead_set_reqsize helperHerbert Xu
2014-11-26crypto: include crypto- module prefix in templateKees Cook
2014-11-24crypto: prefix module autoloading with "crypto-"Kees Cook
2014-08-01crypto: Resolve shadow warningsMark Rustad
2013-10-07crypto: crypto_memneq - add equality testing of memory regions w/o timing leaksJames Yonan
2013-05-02Merge git:// Torvalds
2013-04-25crypto: gcm - fix rfc4543 to handle async crypto correctlyJussi Kivilinna
2013-04-25crypto: gcm - make GMAC work when dst and src are differentJussi Kivilinna
2013-04-02crypto: gcm - fix assumption that assoc has one segmentJussi Kivilinna
2013-02-04crypto: use ERR_CASTJulia Lawall
2010-12-02crypto: Use scatterwalk_crypto_chainSteffen Klassert
2010-01-17crypto: gcm - Add RFC4543 wrapper for GCMTobias Brunner
2009-11-16crypto: gcm - fix another complete call in complete fuctionHuang Ying
2009-08-06crypto: gcm - Use GHASH digest algorithmHuang Ying
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] gcm: Introduce rfc4106Herbert Xu
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] gcm: Use crypto_grab_skcipherHerbert Xu
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] gcm: Allow block cipher parameterHerbert Xu
2008-01-11[CRYPTO] gcm: Add support for async ciphersHerbert Xu