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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-23software node: Handle software node injection to an existing device properlyHeikki Krogerus
2021-06-05drivers/base/memory: fix trying offlining memory blocks with memory holes on ...David Hildenbrand
2021-05-21drivers: base: Reduce device link removal code duplicationRafael J. Wysocki
2021-05-21drivers: base: Fix device link removalRafael J. Wysocki
2021-05-16Merge tag 'driver-core-5.13-rc2' of git:// Torvalds
2021-05-10PM: runtime: Fix unpaired parent child_count for force_resumeTony Lindgren
2021-05-10usb: typec: tcpm: Don't block probing of consumers of "connector" nodesSaravana Kannan
2021-05-07init/initramfs.c: do unpacking asynchronouslyRasmus Villemoes
2021-05-05mm,memory_hotplug: allocate memmap from the added memory rangeOscar Salvador
2021-05-05drivers/base/memory: introduce memory_block_{online,offline}Oscar Salvador
2021-04-26Merge tag 'regmap-v5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-26Merge tag 'pm-5.13-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-26Merge branches 'pm-docs' and 'pm-tools'Rafael J. Wysocki
2021-04-26Merge branches 'pm-core', 'pm-pci', 'pm-sleep', 'pm-domains' and 'powercap'Rafael J. Wysocki
2021-04-26Merge branch 'pm-cpufreq'Rafael J. Wysocki
2021-04-22PM: wakeup: remove redundant assignment to variable retvalColin Ian King
2021-04-15PM: wakeup: use dev_set_name() directlyAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-15PM / wakeup: use dev_set_name() directlyAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-15software node: Allow node addition to already existing deviceHeikki Krogerus
2021-04-15kunit: software node: adhear to KUNIT formatting standardNico Pache
2021-04-14Merge tag 'v5.12-rc7' into driver-core-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2021-04-12Merge branch 'cpufreq/arm/linux-next' of git:// J. Wysocki
2021-04-10node: fix device cleanups in error handling codeDan Carpenter
2021-04-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/for-5.13' into regmap-nextMark Brown
2021-04-07Merge remote-tracking branch 'regmap/for-5.12' into regmap-linusMark Brown
2021-04-07PM: clk: remove kernel-doc warningPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-07PM: wakeup: fix kernel-doc warnings and fix typosPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-07PM: runtime: remove kernel-doc warningsPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-07regmap-irq: Fix dereference of a potentially null d->virt_bufColin Ian King
2021-04-07Revert "driver core: platform: Make platform_get_irq_optional() optional"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-04-05software node: Introduce SOFTWARE_NODE_REFERENCE() helper macroAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-05software node: Imply kobj_to_swnode() to be no-opAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-05software node: Deduplicate code in fwnode_create_software_node()Andy Shevchenko
2021-04-05software node: Introduce software_node_alloc()/software_node_free()Andy Shevchenko
2021-04-05software node: Free resources explicitly when swnode_register() failsAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-05driver core: add helper for deferred probe reason settingAhmad Fatoum
2021-04-05driver core: Improve fw_devlink & deferred_probe_timeout interactionSaravana Kannan
2021-04-05driver core: Fix locking bug in deferred_probe_timeout_work_func()Saravana Kannan
2021-04-05Merge 5.12-rc6 into driver-core-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2021-04-03Merge tag 'driver-core-5.12-rc6' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-02driver core: platform: Make platform_get_irq_optional() optionalAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-02driver core: Replace printf() specifier and drop unneeded castingAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-02driver core: Cast to (void *) with __force for __percpu pointerAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-02driver core: platform: Make clear error code used for missed IRQAndy Shevchenko
2021-04-02devcoredump: fix kernel-doc warningPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-02platform-msi: fix kernel-doc warningsPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-02driver core: attribute_container: remove kernel-doc warningsPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-04-02driver core: remove kernel-doc warningsPierre-Louis Bossart
2021-03-31regmap-irq: Add driver callback to configure virtual regsGuru Das Srinagesh
2021-03-31regmap-irq: Introduce virtual regs to handle more config regsGuru Das Srinagesh