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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-12Merge tag 'char-misc-5.13-rc6' of git:// Torvalds
2021-06-09bus: mhi: pci-generic: Fix hibernationLoic Poulain
2021-06-09bus: mhi: pci_generic: Fix possible use-after-free in mhi_pci_remove()Wei Yongjun
2021-06-09bus: mhi: pci_generic: T99W175: update channel name from AT to DUNJarvis Jiang
2021-05-25bus: ti-sysc: Fix flakey idling of uarts and stop using swsup_sidle_actTony Lindgren
2021-05-18bus: ti-sysc: Fix am335x resume hang for usb otg moduleTony Lindgren
2021-05-18Merge branch 'fixes-rc1' into fixesTony Lindgren
2021-05-07bus: ti-sysc: Fix missing quirk flags for sataTony Lindgren
2021-04-26Merge tag 'arm-drivers-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-26Merge tag 'arm-soc-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-26Merge tag 'char-misc-5.13-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-11Merge tag 'mhi-for-v5.13' of git:// Kroah-Hartman
2021-04-09treewide: change my e-mail address, fix my nameMarek BehĂșn
2021-04-09bus: mhi: core: Fix shadow declarationsManivannan Sadhasivam
2021-04-08Merge tag 'qcom-drivers-for-5.13' of git:// Bergmann
2021-04-08bus: mhi: pci_generic: Constify mhi_controller_config struct definitionsManivannan Sadhasivam
2021-04-08bus: mhi: pci_generic: Introduce Foxconn T99W175 supportJarvis Jiang
2021-04-08bus: mhi: core: Sanity check values from remote device before useJeffrey Hugo
2021-04-07bus: mhi: pci_generic: Add FIREHOSE channelsLoic Poulain
2021-04-07bus: mhi: pci_generic: Implement PCI shutdown callbackLoic Poulain
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Remove __ prefix for MHI channel unprepare functionBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Check channel execution environment before issuing resetBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Clear configuration from channel context during resetBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Hold device wake for channel update commandsBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Update debug messages to use client deviceBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Improvements to the channel handling state machineBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Clear context for stopped channels from remove()Bhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Allow sending the STOP channel commandBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: pci_generic: Add SDX65 based modem supportBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Remove pre_init flag used for power purposesBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: pm: reduce PM state change verbosityLoic Poulain
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Fix MHI runtime_pm behaviorLoic Poulain
2021-04-01ARM: mvebu: avoid clang -Wtautological-constant warningArnd Bergmann
2021-04-01bus: mhi: core: Move to polling method to wait for MHI readyBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-01bus: mhi: core: Introduce internal register poll helper functionBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Improve state strings for debug messagesBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Wait for MHI READY state in most scenariosBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Identify Flash Programmer as a mission mode use caseBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Add support for Flash Programmer execution environmentCarl Yin
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Handle EDL mode entry appropriatelyBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Wait for ready after an EDL firmware downloadBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Rely on accurate method to determine EDL modeBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-29bus: qcom: Put child node before returnPan Bian
2021-03-24bus: ti-sysc: Use kzalloc for allocating only one thingZheng Yongjun
2021-03-24bus: ti-sysc: remove unneeded semicolonYang Li
2021-03-18Merge tag 'omap-for-v5.12/fixes-rc1-signed' of git:// Bergmann
2021-03-16bus: mhi: core: Check state before processing power_downJeffrey Hugo
2021-03-16bus: mhi: core: Return EAGAIN if MHI ring is fullFan Wu
2021-03-15bus: mhi: core: remove redundant initialization of variables state and eeColin Ian King
2021-03-12bus: ti-sysc: Warn about old dtb for dra7 and omap4/5Tony Lindgren