path: root/drivers/devfreq/governor.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-04-08PM / devfreq: Remove the invalid description for get_target_freqDong Aisheng
2021-04-08PM / devfreq: Check get_dev_status in devfreq_update_statsDong Aisheng
2021-01-05PM / devfreq: Correct spelling in a commentLukasz Luba
2020-10-26PM / devfreq: Remove redundant governor_name from struct devfreqChanwoo Choi
2020-10-26PM / devfreq: Add governor attribute flag for specifc sysfs nodesChanwoo Choi
2020-10-26PM / devfreq: Add governor feature flagChanwoo Choi
2020-10-26PM / devfreq: Unify frequency change to devfreq_update_target funcChanwoo Choi
2020-03-25PM / devfreq: Fix a typo in a commentChristophe JAILLET
2020-03-25PM / devfreq: Change to DEVFREQ_GOV_UPDATE_INTERVAL event nameChanwoo Choi
2020-03-25PM / devfreq: Remove unneeded extern keywordChanwoo Choi
2019-11-06PM / devfreq: Add new interrupt_driven flag for governorsDmitry Osipenko
2019-06-19treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 500Thomas Gleixner
2018-10-02PM / devfreq: Make update_devfreq() publicMatthias Kaehlcke
2018-10-02PM / devfreq: Don't adjust to user limits in governorsMatthias Kaehlcke
2017-08-28PM / devfreq: Move private devfreq_update_stats() into devfreqChanwoo Choi
2017-04-12PM / devfreq: Move struct devfreq_governor to devfreq directoryChanwoo Choi
2017-01-31PM / devfreq: Fix wrong trans_stat of passive devfreq deviceChanwoo Choi
2012-11-20PM / devfreq: provide hooks for governors to be registeredNishanth Menon
2012-11-15PM / devfreq: Add suspend and resume apisRajagopal Venkat
2012-11-15PM / devfreq: Core updates to support devices which can idleRajagopal Venkat
2011-10-02PM: Introduce devfreq: generic DVFS framework with device-specific OPPsMyungJoo Ham