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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-16Merge tag 'dmaengine-fix-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-06-07dmaengine: mediatek: use GFP_NOWAIT instead of GFP_ATOMIC in prep_dmaGuillaume Ranquet
2021-06-07dmaengine: mediatek: do not issue a new desc if one is still currentGuillaume Ranquet
2021-06-07dmaengine: mediatek: free the proper desc in desc_free handlerGuillaume Ranquet
2021-06-03dmaengine: idxd: Use cpu_feature_enabled()Borislav Petkov
2021-06-03dmaengine: ipu: fix doc warning in ipu_irq.cYang Yingliang
2021-06-03dmaengine: rcar-dmac: Fix PM reference leak in rcar_dmac_probe()Zou Wei
2021-06-03dmaengine: idxd: Fix missing error code in idxd_cdev_open()Jiapeng Chong
2021-05-31dmaengine: stedma40: add missing iounmap() on error in d40_probe()Yang Yingliang
2021-05-31dmaengine: SF_PDMA depends on HAS_IOMEMRandy Dunlap
2021-05-31dmaengine: QCOM_HIDMA_MGMT depends on HAS_IOMEMRandy Dunlap
2021-05-31dmaengine: ALTERA_MSGDMA depends on HAS_IOMEMRandy Dunlap
2021-05-31dmaengine: idxd: Add missing cleanup for early error out in probe callDave Jiang
2021-05-31dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Limit descriptor IDs to 16 bitsLaurent Pinchart
2021-05-31dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: Add missing dependencies to KconfigLaurent Pinchart
2021-05-31dmaengine: stm32-mdma: fix PM reference leak in stm32_mdma_alloc_chan_resourc()Yu Kuai
2021-05-31dmaengine: zynqmp_dma: Fix PM reference leak in zynqmp_dma_alloc_chan_resourc()Yu Kuai
2021-05-13dmaengine: qcom_hidma: comment platform_driver_register callPhillip Potter
2021-05-13Revert "dmaengine: qcom_hidma: Check for driver register failure"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-05-10dmaengine: xilinx: dpdma: initialize registers before request_irqQuanyang Wang
2021-05-10dmaengine: pl330: fix wrong usage of spinlock flags in dma_cyclcBumyong Lee
2021-05-10dmaengine: fsl-dpaa2-qdma: Fix error return code in two functionsZhen Lei
2021-05-10dmaengine: idxd: add missing dsa driver unregisterDave Jiang
2021-05-10dmaengine: idxd: add engine 'struct device' missing bus type assignmentDave Jiang
2021-05-04Merge tag 'dmaengine-5.13-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-26Merge tag 'arm-drivers-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-25dmaengine: idxd: Enable IDXD performance monitor supportTom Zanussi
2021-04-25dmaengine: idxd: Add IDXD performance monitor supportTom Zanussi
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: remove MSIX masking for interrupt handlersDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: device cmd should use dedicated lockDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: support reporting of halt interruptDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: enable SVA feature for IOMMUDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: convert sprintf() to sysfs_emit() for all usagesDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: add interrupt handle request and release supportDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: add support for readonly config modeDave Jiang
2021-04-23dmaengine: idxd: add percpu_ref to descriptor submission pathDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: remove detection of device typeDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: iax bus removalDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix cdev setup and free device lifetime issuesDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix group conf_dev lifetimeDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix engine conf_dev lifetimeDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix wq conf_dev 'struct device' lifetimeDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix idxd conf_dev 'struct device' lifetimeDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: use ida for device instance enumerationDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: removal of pcim managed mmio mappingDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: cleanup pci interrupt vector allocation managementDave Jiang
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: fix dma device lifetimeDave Jiang
2021-04-20Merge branch 'fixes' into nextVinod Koul
2021-04-20dmaengine: at_xdmac: Remove unused inline function at_xdmac_csize()YueHaibing
2021-04-20dmaengine: idxd: Fix potential null dereference on pointer statusColin Ian King