path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/chelsio/cxgb4/cxgb4_main.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-01-09cxgb4: Remove useless DMA-32 fallback configurationChristophe JAILLET
2021-10-05ethernet: use eth_hw_addr_set() for dev->addr_len casesJakub Kicinski
2021-08-26Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-08-26cxgb4: dont touch blocked freelist bitmap after freeRahul Lakkireddy
2021-08-24cxgb4: improve printing NIC informationHeiner Kallweit
2021-08-23net: chelsio: switch from 'pci_' to 'dma_' APIChristophe JAILLET
2021-07-27dev_ioctl: split out ndo_eth_ioctlArnd Bergmann
2021-07-08cxgb4: fix IRQ free race during driver unloadShahjada Abul Husain
2021-06-18Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-06-11cxgb4: fix sleep in atomic when flashing PHY firmwareRahul Lakkireddy
2021-06-07Merge S. Miller
2021-06-04cxgb4: avoid link re-train during TC-MQPRIO configurationRahul Lakkireddy
2021-06-01cxgb4: Fix -Wunused-const-variable warningYueHaibing
2021-05-13cxgb4/ch_ktls: Clear resources when pf4 device is removedAyush Sawal
2021-02-08cxgb4: remove unused vpd_cap_addrHeiner Kallweit
2021-01-21cxgb4: Assign boolean values to a bool variableJiapeng Zhong
2021-01-07net: remove ndo_udp_tunnel_* callbacksJakub Kicinski
2020-11-11cxgb4/ch_ktls: decrypted bit is not enoughRohit Maheshwari
2020-09-11crypto/chcr: move nic TLS functionality to drivers/netRohit Maheshwari
2020-09-09cxgb4/ch_ipsec: Registering xfrmdev_ops with cxgb4Ayush Sawal
2020-07-14cxgb4: convert to new udp_tunnel_nic infraJakub Kicinski
2020-06-30cxgb4: add main VI to mirror VI config replicationRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-30cxgb4: add support for mirror RxqsRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-30cxgb4: add mirror action to TC-MATCHALL offloadRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-25Merge git:// S. Miller
2020-06-23cxgb4: always sync access when flashing PHY firmwareRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-23cxgb4: update kernel-doc line commentsRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-23cxgb4: fix set but unused variable when DCB is disabledRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-23cxgb4: fix endian conversions for L4 ports in filtersRahul Lakkireddy
2020-06-19cxgb4: add ethtool n-tuple filter insertionVishal Kulkarni
2020-06-19cxgb4: add skeleton for ethtool n-tuple filtersVishal Kulkarni
2020-06-01cxgb4/chcr: Enable ktls settings at run timeRohit Maheshwari
2020-05-22cxgb4: add adapter hotplug support for ULDsPotnuri Bharat Teja
2020-05-15cxgb4: add EOTID tracking and software context dumpRahul Lakkireddy
2020-05-15cxgb4: tune burst buffer size for TC-MQPRIO offloadRahul Lakkireddy
2020-04-01cxgb4: free MQPRIO resources in shutdown pathRahul Lakkireddy
2020-04-01cxgb4: fix MPS index overwrite when setting MAC addressHerat Ramani
2020-03-12Merge git:// S. Miller
2020-03-03cxgb4: fix checks for max queues to allocateVishal Kulkarni
2020-03-03net/chelsio: Delete drive and module versionsLeon Romanovsky
2020-01-19Merge S. Miller
2020-01-19cxgb4: fix Tx multi channel port rate limitRahul Lakkireddy
2019-12-17cxgb4/chtls: fix ULD connection failures due to wrong TID baseShahjada Abul Husain
2019-12-10cxgb4: add support for high priority filtersShahjada Abul Husain
2019-11-22cxgb4: add UDP segmentation offload supportRahul Lakkireddy
2019-11-20cxgb4: add TC-MATCHALL classifier ingress offloadRahul Lakkireddy
2019-11-20cxgb4: add TC-MATCHALL classifier egress offloadRahul Lakkireddy
2019-11-07cxgb4: add ETHOFLD hardware queue supportRahul Lakkireddy
2019-11-07cxgb4: parse and configure TC-MQPRIO offloadRahul Lakkireddy
2019-11-07cxgb4: rework queue config and MSI-X allocationRahul Lakkireddy