path: root/drivers/net/ethernet/intel/ice/ice_devlink.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-31Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-12-29net: Don't include filter.h from net/sock.hJakub Kicinski
2021-12-15ice: support immediate firmware activation via devlink reloadJacob Keller
2021-12-15ice: move ice_devlink_flash_update and merge with ice_flash_pldm_imageJacob Keller
2021-12-15ice: move and rename ice_check_for_pending_updateJacob Keller
2021-12-15ice: devlink: add shadow-ram region to snapshot Shadow RAMJacob Keller
2021-12-14ice: Propagate error codesTony Nguyen
2021-12-14ice: Remove excess error variablesTony Nguyen
2021-12-14ice: Cleanup after ice_status removalTony Nguyen
2021-12-14ice: Use int for ice_statusTony Nguyen
2021-12-14ice: Remove string printing for ice_statusTony Nguyen
2021-11-30net/ice: Fix boolean assignmentShiraz Saleem
2021-11-22net/ice: Add support for enable_iwarp and enable_roce devlink paramShiraz Saleem
2021-10-22ice: Nuild fix.David S. Miller
2021-10-22Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-10-19ice: Make use of the helper function devm_add_action_or_reset()Cai Huoqing
2021-10-14ice: Print the api_patch as part of the fw.mgmt.apiBrett Creeley
2021-10-07ice: Move devlink port to PF/VF structWojciech Drewek
2021-10-07ice: support basic E-Switch mode controlMichal Swiatkowski
2021-09-28ice: refactor devlink getter/fallback functions to voidJacob Keller
2021-09-22devlink: Make devlink_register to be voidLeon Romanovsky
2021-08-26Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-08-19ice: do not abort devlink info if board identifier can't be foundJacob Keller
2021-08-09devlink: Set device as early as possibleLeon Romanovsky
2021-06-07ice: wait for reset before reporting devlink infoJacob Keller
2021-06-07ice: add extack when unable to read device capsJacob Keller
2021-02-05ice: display stored UNDI firmware version via devlink infoJacob Keller
2021-02-05ice: display stored netlist versions via devlink infoJacob Keller
2021-02-05ice: display some stored NVM versions via devlink infoJacob Keller
2021-02-05ice: introduce context struct for info reportJacob Keller
2021-02-05ice: create flash_info structure and separate NVM versionJacob Keller
2020-11-19devlink: move flash end and begin to core devlinkJacob Keller
2020-11-19devlink: move request_firmware out of driverJacob Keller
2020-10-09ice: add additional debug logging for firmware updateJacob Keller
2020-10-09ice: refactor devlink_port to be per-VSIJacob Keller
2020-10-09ice: add the DDP Track ID to devlink infoJacob Keller
2020-10-09ice: Change ice_info_get_dsn to be voidAnirudh Venkataramanan
2020-10-09ice: devlink: use %*phD to print small bufferAndy Shevchenko
2020-09-25ice: add support for flash update overwrite maskJacob Keller
2020-09-25devlink: convert flash_update to use params structureJacob Keller
2020-09-25devlink: check flash_update parameter support in net coreJacob Keller
2020-09-18net: devlink: region: Pass the region ops to the snapshot functionAndrew Lunn
2020-08-01ice: Misc minor fixesTony Nguyen
2020-07-28ice: implement device flash update via devlinkJacob Keller
2020-07-09devlink: Replace devlink_port_attrs_set parameters with a structDanielle Ratson
2020-07-01ice: implement snapshot for device capabilitiesJacob Keller
2020-05-21ice: report netlist version in .info_getJacob Keller
2020-03-26ice: add a devlink region for dumping NVM contentsJacob Keller
2020-03-21ice: add board identifier info to devlink .info_getJacob Keller
2020-03-21ice: add basic handler for devlink .info_getJacob Keller