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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-02nvmet: fix freeing unallocated p2pmemMax Gurtovoy
2021-06-02nvme-loop: do not warn for deleted controllers during resetHannes Reinecke
2021-06-02nvme-loop: check for NVME_LOOP_Q_LIVE in nvme_loop_destroy_admin_queue()Hannes Reinecke
2021-06-02nvme-loop: clear NVME_LOOP_Q_LIVE when nvme_loop_configure_admin_queue() failsHannes Reinecke
2021-06-02nvme-loop: reset queue count to 1 in nvme_loop_destroy_io_queues()Hannes Reinecke
2021-05-26nvmet: fix false keep-alive timeout when a controller is torn downSagi Grimberg
2021-05-26nvmet-tcp: fix inline data size comparison in nvmet_tcp_queue_responseHou Pu
2021-05-19nvme-loop: fix memory leak in nvme_loop_create_ctrl()Wu Bo
2021-05-19nvmet: fix memory leak in nvmet_alloc_ctrl()Wu Bo
2021-05-12nvmet: seset ns->file when open failsDaniel Wagner
2021-05-11nvmet: demote fabrics cmd parse err msg to debugChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-05-11nvmet: use helper to remove the duplicate codeChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-05-11nvmet: demote discovery cmd parse err msg to debugChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-05-11nvmet-rdma: Fix NULL deref when SEND is completed with errorMichal Kalderon
2021-05-11nvmet: fix inline bio check for passthruChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-05-11nvmet: fix inline bio check for bdev-nsChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-05-04nvmet: remove unsupported command noiseKeith Busch
2021-05-04nvme: move the fabrics queue ready check routines to coreTao Chiu
2021-04-28Merge tag 'for-5.13/drivers-2021-04-27' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-21nvmet: avoid queuing keep-alive timer if it is disabledHou Pu
2021-04-15nvmet: fix a spelling mistake "nubmer" -> "number"Colin Ian King
2021-04-15nvmet-fc: simplify nvmet_fc_alloc_hostportAmit Engel
2021-04-15nvmet-tcp: fix a segmentation fault during io parsing errorElad Grupi
2021-04-02nvmet-tcp: enable optional queue idle period trackingWunderlich, Mark
2021-04-02nvmet-tcp: fix incorrect locking in state_change sk callbackSagi Grimberg
2021-04-02nvmet: return proper error code from discovery ctrlHou Pu
2021-04-02nvme: use driver pdu command for passthroughKeith Busch
2021-04-02nvmet: do not allow model_number exceed 40 bytesNoam Gottlieb
2021-04-02nvmet: remove unnecessary ctrl parameterChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvmet-fc: update function documentationChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvme: rename nvme_init_identify()Chaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvmet: replace white spaces with tabsChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvmet: remove an unnecessary function parameter to nvmet_check_ctrl_statusChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvmet: update error log page in nvmet_alloc_ctrl()Chaitanya Kulkarni
2021-04-02nvmet: remove a duplicate status assignment in nvmet_alloc_ctrlChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-03-18nvmet-tcp: fix kmap leak when data digest in useElad Grupi
2021-03-18nvmet: don't check iosqes,iocqes for discovery controllersSagi Grimberg
2021-03-18nvme-fabrics: only reserve a single tagChristoph Hellwig
2021-03-12Merge tag 'nvme-5.12-2021-03-12' of git:// into block-5.12Jens Axboe
2021-03-11block: rename BIO_MAX_PAGES to BIO_MAX_VECSChristoph Hellwig
2021-03-11nvme-rdma: Fix a use after free in nvmet_rdma_write_data_doneLv Yunlong
2021-03-05nvmet: model_number must be immutable once setMax Gurtovoy
2021-02-26block: Add bio_max_segsMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-02-21Merge tag 'for-5.12/drivers-2021-02-17' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-21Merge tag 'for-5.12/block-2021-02-17' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-10nvmet: remove else at the end of the functionChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-02-10nvmet: add nvmet_req_subsys() helperChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-02-10nvmet: use min of device_path and disk lenChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-02-10nvmet: use invalid cmd opcode helperChaitanya Kulkarni
2021-02-10nvmet: use invalid cmd opcode helperChaitanya Kulkarni