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2021-03-16opp: Change return type of devm_pm_opp_attach_genpd()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-03-16opp: Change return type of devm_pm_opp_register_set_opp_helper()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-03-15opp: Add devres wrapper for dev_pm_opp_of_add_tableYangtao Li
2021-03-15opp: Add devres wrapper for dev_pm_opp_set_supported_hwYangtao Li
2021-03-15opp: Add devres wrapper for dev_pm_opp_set_regulatorsYangtao Li
2021-03-15opp: Add devres wrapper for dev_pm_opp_set_clknameYangtao Li
2021-03-12opp: Don't drop extra references to OPPs accidentallyBeata Michalska
2021-02-18opp: Don't skip freq update for different frequencyJonathan Marek
2021-02-04OPP: Add function to look up required OPP's for a given OPPSaravana Kannan
2021-02-02opp: Don't ignore clk_get() errors other than -ENOENTViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Update bandwidth requirements based on scaling up/downViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Allow lazy-linking of required-oppsViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Remove dev_pm_opp_set_bw()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Implement dev_pm_opp_set_opp()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Update parameters of _set_opp_custom()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Allow _generic_set_opp_clk_only() to work for non-freq devicesViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Allow _generic_set_opp_regulator() to work for non-freq devicesViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Allow _set_opp() to work for non-freq devicesViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Split _set_opp() out of dev_pm_opp_set_rate()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Keep track of currently programmed OPPViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: No need to check clk for errorsViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Rename _opp_set_rate_zero()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Make _set_opp_custom() work without regulatorsDmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Prepare for ->set_opp() helper to work without regulatorsViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Print OPP level in debug message of _opp_add_static_v2()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Handle missing OPP table in dev_pm_opp_xlate_performance_state()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Add devm_pm_opp_attach_genpdDmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Add devm_pm_opp_register_set_opp_helperDmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Add dev_pm_opp_of_add_table_noclk()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Defer acquiring the clk until OPPs are addedViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Create _of_add_table_indexed() to reduce code duplicationViresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Add dev_pm_opp_sync_regulators()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Add dev_pm_opp_get_required_pstate()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Add dev_pm_opp_find_level_ceil()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Staticize _add_opp_table()Viresh Kumar
2021-02-02opp: Correct debug message in _opp_add_static_v2()Dmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Filter out OPPs based on availability of a required-OPPDmitry Osipenko
2021-02-02opp: Fix adding OPP entries in a wrong order if rate is unavailableDmitry Osipenko
2020-12-28opp: Call the missing clk_put() on errorViresh Kumar
2020-12-28opp: fix memory leak in _allocate_opp_tableQuanyang Wang
2020-12-15Merge branch 'pm-cpufreq'Rafael J. Wysocki
2020-12-09Merge branch 'opp/empty' into opp/linux-nextViresh Kumar
2020-12-09opp: of: Allow empty opp-table with opp-sharedNicola Mazzucato
2020-12-09opp: Allow dev_pm_opp_put_*() APIs to accept NULL opp_tableViresh Kumar
2020-12-09opp: Don't create an OPP table from dev_pm_opp_get_opp_table()Viresh Kumar
2020-12-09opp: Reduce the size of critical section in _opp_kref_release()Viresh Kumar
2020-11-10PM: EM: Add a flag indicating units of power values in Energy ModelLukasz Luba
2020-11-06opp: Don't return opp_dev from _find_opp_dev()Viresh Kumar
2020-11-06opp: Allocate the OPP table outside of opp_table_lockViresh Kumar
2020-11-02opp: Always add entries in dev_list with opp_table->lock heldViresh Kumar