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2021-02-12spmi: spmi-pmic-arb: Fix hw_irq overflowSubbaraman Narayanamurthy
2020-12-10spmi: Add driver shutdown supportHsin-Hsiung Wang
2020-12-10spmi: fix some coding style issues at the spmi coreMauro Carvalho Chehab
2020-12-10spmi: get rid of a warning when built with W=1Mauro Carvalho Chehab
2020-02-10spmi: pmic-arb: Set lockdep class for hierarchical irq domainsStephen Boyd
2019-06-05treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 284Thomas Gleixner
2019-05-21treewide: Add SPDX license identifier - Makefile/KconfigThomas Gleixner
2019-02-14spmi: pmic-arb: select IRQ_DOMAIN_HIERARCHY in KconfigBrian Masney
2019-02-09spmi: pmic-arb: revert "validate type when mapping IRQ"Brian Masney
2019-01-24spmi: pmic-arb: revert "disassociate old virq if hwirq mapping already exists"Brian Masney
2019-01-24spmi: pmic-arb: validate type when mapping IRQBrian Masney
2019-01-24spmi: pmic-arb: disassociate old virq if hwirq mapping already existsBrian Masney
2019-01-24spmi: pmic-arb: convert to v2 irq interfaces to support hierarchical IRQ chipsBrian Masney
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: Move the ownership check to irq_chip callbackKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: Convert to using %pOF instead of full_nameRob Herring
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: Remove checking opc value not less than 0Fenglin Wu
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: add support for HW version 5David Collins
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: fix a possible null pointer dereferenceKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: return __iomem pointer instead of offsetKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: use irq_chip callback to set spmi irq wakeup capabilityKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: return the value instead of passing by pointerKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: replace the writel_relaxed with __raw_writelKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: fix memory allocation for mapping_tableKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: optimize qpnpint_irq_set_type functionKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: clean up pmic_arb_find_apid functionKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: rename pa_xx to pmic_arb_xx and other cleanupKiran Gunda
2017-08-28spmi: pmic-arb: remove the read/write access checksKiran Gunda
2017-07-17spmi: pmic-arb: Always allocate ppid_to_apid tableStephen Boyd
2017-07-17spmi: Include OF based modalias in device ueventBjorn Andersson
2017-06-03spmi: spmi-pmic-arb: enable the SPMI interrupt as a wakeup sourceKiran Gunda
2017-06-03spmi: pmic_arb: add support for PMIC bus arbiter v3Abhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: check apid enabled before calling the handlerAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic_arb: use appropriate flow handlerAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: clear the latched status of the interruptAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: fix missing interruptsAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: cleanup unrequested irqsAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: optimize table lookupsAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: fix inconsistent use of apid and chanAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic-arb: rename spmi_pmic_arb_dev to spmi_pmic_arbAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2017-06-03spmi: pmic_arb: block access of invalid read and writesAbhijeet Dharmapurikar
2016-09-27spmi: pmic-arb: Return an error code if sanity check failsChristophe JAILLET
2016-04-30spmi: do not use bus internal dataSudip Mukherjee
2016-02-08spmi: pmic-arb: Support more than 128 peripheralsStephen Boyd
2015-11-04Merge tag 'char-misc-4.4-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2015-10-13irqdomain: Use irq_domain_get_of_node() instead of direct field accessMarc Zyngier
2015-10-04spmi: pmic-arb: u8 <= 0xff is always trueStephen Boyd
2015-10-04spmi: pmic-arb: Don't byte swap when reading/writing FIFOStephen Boyd
2015-09-20spmi: Auto-populate driver.owner in spmi_driver_register()Stephen Boyd
2015-09-16genirq: Remove irq argument from irq flow handlersThomas Gleixner
2015-09-01Merge branch 'irq-core-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds