path: root/fs/crypto/keysetup.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-02fscrypt: allow deleting files with unsupported encryption policyEric Biggers
2020-12-02fscrypt: unexport fscrypt_get_encryption_info()Eric Biggers
2020-11-24fscrypt: simplify master key lockingEric Biggers
2020-11-16fscrypt: remove kernel-internal constants from UAPI headerEric Biggers
2020-11-06fscrypt: remove reachable WARN in fscrypt_setup_iv_ino_lblk_32_key()Eric Biggers
2020-09-22fscrypt: handle test_dummy_encryption in more logical wayEric Biggers
2020-09-22fscrypt: stop pretending that key setup is nofs-safeEric Biggers
2020-09-22fscrypt: add fscrypt_prepare_new_inode() and fscrypt_set_context()Eric Biggers
2020-07-21fscrypt: use smp_load_acquire() for ->i_crypt_infoEric Biggers
2020-07-21fscrypt: use smp_load_acquire() for fscrypt_prepared_keyEric Biggers
2020-07-20fscrypt: rename FS_KEY_DERIVATION_NONCE_SIZEEric Biggers
2020-07-08fscrypt: add inline encryption supportSatya Tangirala
2020-05-19fscrypt: add support for IV_INO_LBLK_32 policiesEric Biggers
2020-05-18fscrypt: support test_dummy_encryption=v2Eric Biggers
2020-05-12fscrypt: fix all kerneldoc warningsEric Biggers
2020-03-31Merge tag 'fscrypt-for-linus' of git:// Torvalds
2020-03-19fscrypt: add FS_IOC_GET_ENCRYPTION_NONCE ioctlEric Biggers
2020-03-07fscrypt: don't evict dirty inodes after removing keyEric Biggers
2020-01-22fscrypt: clarify what is meant by a per-file keyEric Biggers
2020-01-22fscrypt: derive dirhash key for casefolded directoriesDaniel Rosenberg
2019-12-31fscrypt: check for appropriate use of DIRECT_KEY flag earlierEric Biggers
2019-12-31fscrypt: verify that the crypto_skcipher has the correct ivsizeEric Biggers
2019-12-31fscrypt: use crypto_skcipher_driver_name()Eric Biggers
2019-11-06fscrypt: add support for IV_INO_LBLK_64 policiesEric Biggers
2019-11-06fscrypt: avoid data race on fscrypt_mode::logged_impl_nameEric Biggers
2019-10-21fscrypt: zeroize fscrypt_info before freeingEric Biggers
2019-10-21fscrypt: invoke crypto API for ESSIV handlingEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: allow unprivileged users to add/remove keys for v2 policiesEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: v2 encryption policy supportEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: add FS_IOC_REMOVE_ENCRYPTION_KEY ioctlEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: add FS_IOC_ADD_ENCRYPTION_KEY ioctlEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: rename keyinfo.c to keysetup.cEric Biggers