path: root/fs/crypto/keysetup_v1.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-09-22fscrypt: stop pretending that key setup is nofs-safeEric Biggers
2020-08-07mm, treewide: rename kzfree() to kfree_sensitive()Waiman Long
2020-07-20fscrypt: rename FS_KEY_DERIVATION_NONCE_SIZEEric Biggers
2020-07-08fscrypt: add inline encryption supportSatya Tangirala
2020-01-22fscrypt: clarify what is meant by a per-file keyEric Biggers
2019-12-31fscrypt: check for appropriate use of DIRECT_KEY flag earlierEric Biggers
2019-10-21fscrypt: invoke crypto API for ESSIV handlingEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: v2 encryption policy supportEric Biggers
2019-08-12fscrypt: move v1 policy key setup to keysetup_v1.cEric Biggers