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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-13erofs: fix 1 lcluster-sized pcluster for big pclusterGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: enable big pcluster featureGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: support decompress big pcluster for lz4 backendGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: support parsing big pcluster compact indexesGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: support parsing big pcluster compress indexesGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: adjust per-CPU buffers according to max_pclusterblksGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: add big physical cluster definitionGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: fix up inplace I/O pointer for big pclusterGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: introduce physical cluster slab poolsGao Xiang
2021-04-10erofs: introduce multipage per-CPU buffersGao Xiang
2021-04-07erofs: reserve physical_clusterbits[]Gao Xiang
2021-04-03erofs: Clean up spelling mistakes found in fs/erofsRuiqi Gong
2021-03-29erofs: add on-disk compression configurationsGao Xiang
2021-03-29erofs: introduce on-disk lz4 fs configurationsGao Xiang
2021-03-29erofs: support adjust lz4 history window sizeHuang Jianan
2021-03-29erofs: introduce erofs_sb_has_xxx() helpersGao Xiang
2021-03-29erofs: add unsupported inode i_format checkGao Xiang
2021-03-29erofs: don't use erofs_map_blocks() any moreYue Hu
2021-03-29erofs: complete a missing case for inplace I/OGao Xiang
2021-03-29erofs: use sync decompression for atomic contexts onlyHuang Jianan
2021-03-29erofs: use workqueue decompression for atomic contexts onlyHuang Jianan
2021-03-29erofs: avoid memory allocation failure during rolling decompressionHuang Jianan
2021-03-13Merge tag 'erofs-for-5.12-rc3' of git:// Torvalds
2021-03-11block: rename BIO_MAX_PAGES to BIO_MAX_VECSChristoph Hellwig
2021-03-08erofs: fix bio->bi_max_vecs behavior changeGao Xiang
2021-02-28Merge tag 'block-5.12-2021-02-27' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-26block: Add bio_max_segsMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-02-23Merge tag 'idmapped-mounts-v5.12' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-22Merge branch 'work.d_name' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-11erofs: initialized fields can only be observed after bit is setGao Xiang
2021-02-11erofs: fix shift-out-of-bounds of blkszbitsGao Xiang
2021-01-24fs: make helpers idmap mount awareChristian Brauner
2021-01-24stat: handle idmapped mountsChristian Brauner
2021-01-06erofs: use %pd instead of messing with ->d_nameAl Viro
2020-12-10erofs: avoid using generic_block_bmapHuang Jianan
2020-12-09erofs: force inplace I/O under low memory scenarioGao Xiang
2020-12-08erofs: simplify try_to_claim_pcluster()Gao Xiang
2020-12-08erofs: insert to managed cache after adding to pclGao Xiang
2020-12-08erofs: get rid of magical Z_EROFS_MAPPING_STAGINGGao Xiang
2020-12-08erofs: remove a void EROFS_VERSION macro set in MakefileVladimir Zapolskiy
2020-11-04erofs: fix setting up pcluster for temporary pagesGao Xiang
2020-11-04erofs: derive atime instead of leaving it emptyGao Xiang
2020-10-24Merge branch 'work.misc' of git:// Torvalds
2020-10-09erofs: remove unnecessary enum entriesChengguang Xu
2020-09-19erofs: add REQ_RAHEAD flag to readahead requestsGao Xiang
2020-09-19erofs: fold in should_decompress_synchronously()Gao Xiang
2020-09-19erofs: avoid unnecessary variable `err'Gao Xiang
2020-09-18[PATCH] reduce boilerplate in fsid handlingAl Viro
2020-09-18erofs: remove unneeded parameterChao Yu
2020-09-18erofs: avoid duplicated permission check for "trusted." xattrsGao Xiang