path: root/fs/ext4/fast_commit.c
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* ext4: add commit tid info in ext4_fc_commit_start/stop trace eventsRitesh Harjani2022-03-151-2/+2
* ext4: add commit_tid info in jbd debug logRitesh Harjani2022-03-151-6/+9
* ext4: add transaction tid info in fc_track eventsRitesh Harjani2022-03-151-5/+5
* ext4: add new trace event in ext4_fc_cleanupRitesh Harjani2022-03-151-0/+1
* ext4: return early for non-eligible fast_commit track eventsRitesh Harjani2022-03-151-10/+49
* ext4: do not call FC trace event in ext4_fc_commit() if FS does not support FCRitesh Harjani2022-03-121-3/+3
* ext4: improve fast_commit performance and scalabilityRitesh Harjani2022-03-021-18/+56
* ext4: use in_range() for range checking in ext4_fc_replay_check_excludedRitesh Harjani2022-02-251-2/+2
* ext4: fix incorrect type issue during replay_del_rangeXin Yin2022-02-031-2/+3
* ext4: fix error handling in ext4_fc_record_modified_inode()Ritesh Harjani2022-02-031-35/+29
* ext4: fast commit may miss file actionsXin Yin2022-02-031-5/+6
* ext4: fast commit may not fallback for ineligible commitXin Yin2022-02-031-8/+25
* ext4: prevent used blocks from being allocated during fast commit replayXin Yin2022-02-031-5/+15
* ext4: remove redundant statementluo penghao2022-01-101-1/+0
* ext4: destroy ext4_fc_dentry_cachep kmemcache on module removalSebastian Andrzej Siewior2022-01-101-0/+5
* ext4: use ext4_ext_remove_space() for fast commit replay delete rangeXin Yin2022-01-101-5/+8
* ext4: update fast commit TODOsHarshad Shirwadkar2021-12-231-8/+6
* ext4: simplify updating of fast commit statsHarshad Shirwadkar2021-12-231-45/+54
* ext4: drop ineligible txn start stop APIsHarshad Shirwadkar2021-12-231-64/+15
* ext4: inline data inode fast commit replay fixesHarshad Shirwadkar2021-11-041-1/+6
* ext4: commit inline data during fast commitHarshad Shirwadkar2021-11-041-1/+3
* ext4: limit the number of blocks in one ADD_RANGE TLVHou Tao2021-10-011-0/+6
* ext4: reduce arguments of ext4_fc_add_dentry_tlvGuoqing Jiang2021-08-301-18/+9
* ext4: fix fast commit alignment issuesHarshad Shirwadkar2021-06-061-80/+90
* ext4: fix debug format string warningArnd Bergmann2021-04-091-1/+1
* ext4: fix various seppling typosBhaskar Chowdhury2021-04-091-1/+1
* ext4: fix error return code in ext4_fc_perform_commit()Xu Yihang2021-04-091-1/+3
* ext4: fix rename whiteout with fast commitHarshad Shirwadkar2021-03-211-2/+7
* Merge tag 'ext4_for_linus' of git:// Torvalds2021-02-251-18/+11
| * ext4: Change list_for_each* to list_for_each_entry*Daejun Park2021-02-031-18/+11
* | block: use an on-stack bio in blkdev_issue_flushChristoph Hellwig2021-01-271-2/+2
* ext4: remove expensive flush on fast commitDaejun Park2021-01-151-5/+5
* ext4: fix wrong list_splice in ext4_fc_cleanupDaejun Park2021-01-151-1/+1
* ext4: use IS_ERR instead of IS_ERR_OR_NULL and set inode null when IS_ERRYi Li2021-01-151-11/+12
* ext4: make fast_commit.h byte identical with e2fsprogs/fast_commit.hHarshad Shirwadkar2020-12-171-38/+0
* ext4: add docs about fast commit idempotenceHarshad Shirwadkar2020-12-171-0/+61
* ext4: fix sparse warnings in fast_commit codeTheodore Ts'o2020-11-071-1/+4
* ext4: make s_mount_flags modifications atomicHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-9/+9
* ext4: issue fsdev cache flush before starting fast commitHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-0/+7
* ext4: disable fast commit with data journallingHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-0/+7
* ext4: fix inode dirty check in case of fast commitsHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-3/+0
* ext4: mark buf dirty before submitting fast commit bufferHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-1/+1
* ext4: fix code documentatioonHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-1/+2
* ext4: dedpulicate the code to wait on inode that's being committedHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-34/+27
* jbd2: don't pass tid to jbd2_fc_end_commit_fallback()Harshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-1/+1
* ext4: clean up the JBD2 API that initializes fast commitsHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-14/+0
* ext4: fixup ext4_fc_track_* functions' signatureHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-18/+30
* ext4: mark fc ineligible if inode gets evictied due to mem pressureHarshad Shirwadkar2020-11-061-2/+2
* ext4: use IS_ERR() for error checking of pathHarshad Shirwadkar2020-10-281-2/+4
* ext4: use s_mount_flags instead of s_mount_state for fast commit stateHarshad Shirwadkar2020-10-281-9/+9