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* NFSv4.1 provide mount option to toggle trunking discoveryOlga Kornievskaia2022-03-211-1/+2
* NFS: Fix initialisation of nfs_client cl_flags fieldTrond Myklebust2022-02-081-1/+1
* Merge tag 'nfs-for-5.17-1' of git:// Torvalds2022-01-251-0/+7
| * NFSv4.1 query for fs_location attr on a new file systemOlga Kornievskaia2022-01-131-0/+7
* | nfs: Convert to new fscache volume/cookie APIDave Wysochanski2022-01-101-4/+0
* NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs4_getattr_resAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-1/+1
* NFS: Unexport nfs_probe_fsinfo()Anna Schumaker2021-10-201-2/+1
* NFS: Replace calls to nfs_probe_fsinfo() with nfs_probe_server()Anna Schumaker2021-10-201-9/+1
* NFS: Move nfs_probe_destination() into the generic clientAnna Schumaker2021-10-201-0/+24
* SUNRPC enforce creation of no more than max_connect xprtsOlga Kornievskaia2021-08-271-0/+1
* NFSv4 introduce max_connect mount optionsOlga Kornievskaia2021-08-271-0/+1
* NFS: Fix a potential NULL dereference in nfs_get_client()Dan Carpenter2021-06-031-1/+1
* NFS: Split attribute support out from the server capabilitiesTrond Myklebust2021-04-141-3/+12
* NFSv4: Add support for the NFSv4.2 "change_attr_type" attributeTrond Myklebust2021-04-131-0/+3
* NFS: Fix up the support for CONFIG_NFS_DISABLE_UDP_SUPPORTTrond Myklebust2021-04-051-2/+0
* NFS: NFSv2/NFSv3: Use cred from fs_context during mountSargun Dhillon2020-12-021-2/+2
* NFS: Support larger readdir buffersTrond Myklebust2020-12-021-2/+2
* NFSv4.2: query the server for extended attribute supportFrank van der Linden2020-07-131-0/+3
* NFSv4.2: define limits and sizes for user xattr handlingFrank van der Linden2020-07-131-2/+17
* nfs: add minor version to nfs_server_key for fscacheScott Mayhew2020-02-251-0/+1
* NFS: allow deprecation of NFS UDP protocolOlga Kornievskaia2020-01-241-0/+4
* NFS: Additional refactoring for fs_context conversionScott Mayhew2020-01-151-11/+11
* NFS: rename nfs_fs_context pointer arg in a few functionsScott Mayhew2020-01-151-31/+31
* NFS: Rename struct nfs_parsed_mount_data to struct nfs_fs_contextDavid Howells2020-01-151-33/+33
* nfs: don't pass nfs_subversion to ->create_server()Al Viro2020-01-151-2/+2
* NFSv4.1: Don't rebind to the same source port when reconnecting to the serverTrond Myklebust2019-11-031-0/+3
* NFS/pnfs: Separate NFSv3 DS and MDS trafficTrond Myklebust2019-11-031-0/+6
* NFS: Add a flag to tell nfs_client to set RPC_CLNT_CREATE_NOPINGTrond Myklebust2019-11-031-0/+2
* NFS: Cleanup if nfs_match_client is interruptedBenjamin Coddington2019-07-061-2/+2
* Merge branch 'multipath_tcp'Trond Myklebust2019-07-061-0/+3
| * NFS: Allow multiple connections to a NFSv2 or NFSv3 serverTrond Myklebust2019-07-061-0/+1
| * NFSv4: Allow multiple connections to NFSv4.x (x>0) serversTrond Myklebust2019-07-061-0/+2
* | NFS: Add sysfs support for per-container identifierTrond Myklebust2019-07-061-0/+4
* | NFS: Cleanup - add nfs_clients_exit to mirror nfs_clients_initTrond Myklebust2019-07-061-2/+11
* treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 152Thomas Gleixner2019-05-301-5/+1
* Merge tag 'nfsd-5.2' of git:// Torvalds2019-05-151-0/+1
| * lockd: Pass the user cred from knfsd when starting the lockd serverTrond Myklebust2019-04-241-0/+1
* | NFS: Fix a double unlock from nfs_match,get_clientBenjamin Coddington2019-05-091-1/+1
* | NFS: make nfs_match_client killableRoberto Bergantinos Corpas2019-05-071-1/+6
* | NFS: Store the credential of the mount process in the nfs_serverTrond Myklebust2019-04-261-1/+7
* | SUNRPC: Cache cred of process creating the rpc_clientTrond Myklebust2019-04-261-0/+1
* | NFS: Add a mount option "softerr" to allow clients to see ETIMEDOUT errorsTrond Myklebust2019-04-251-0/+2
* NFS: Fix a typo in nfs_init_timeout_values()Trond Myklebust2019-03-231-1/+1
* NFS/SUNRPC: don't lookup machine credential until rpcauth_bindcred().NeilBrown2018-12-191-9/+2
* NFSv4: add cl_root_cred for use when machine cred is not available.NeilBrown2018-12-191-0/+2
* NFS add support for asynchronous COPYOlga Kornievskaia2018-08-091-0/+1
* Merge tag 'nfs-for-4.18-1' of git:// Torvalds2018-06-121-1/+2
| * NFS: Pass the inode down to the getattr() callbackTrond Myklebust2018-06-041-1/+2
* | proc: introduce proc_create_net{,_data}Christoph Hellwig2018-05-161-39/+4
* nfs: fix a deadlock in nfs client initializationScott Mayhew2017-12-151-0/+11