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* NFSv4: Don't invalidate inode attributes on delegation returnTrond Myklebust2022-04-251-1/+11
* NFSv4/pnfs: Handle RPC allocation errors in nfs4_proc_layoutgetTrond Myklebust2022-04-071-0/+2
* NFSv4.1: don't retry BIND_CONN_TO_SESSION on session errorOlga Kornievskaia2022-03-241-0/+1
* NFSv4: keep state manager thread active if swap is enabledNeilBrown2022-03-131-0/+20
* NFSv4.1 restrict GETATTR fs_location query to the main transportOlga Kornievskaia2022-03-131-2/+13
* NFS: Clean up NFSv4.2 xattrsTrond Myklebust2022-02-251-7/+2
* NFSv4.1 support for NFS4_RESULT_PRESERVER_UNLINKEDOlga Kornievskaia2022-02-251-0/+2
* NFS: Convert GFP_NOFS to GFP_KERNELTrond Myklebust2022-02-251-8/+7
* NFS: Remove an incorrect revalidation in nfs4_update_changeattr_locked()Trond Myklebust2022-02-141-2/+1
* NFS: Fix nfs4_proc_get_locations() kernel-doc commentYang Li2022-02-081-1/+2
* NFSv4.1 test and add 4.1 trunking transportOlga Kornievskaia2022-01-131-1/+55
* NFSv4.1 query for fs_location attr on a new file systemOlga Kornievskaia2022-01-131-10/+66
* NFSv4 store server support for fs_location attributeOlga Kornievskaia2022-01-121-0/+2
* NFSv4: Allow writebacks to request 'blocks used'Trond Myklebust2022-01-061-14/+7
* NFS: Add a helper to remove case-insensitive aliasesTrond Myklebust2022-01-061-1/+4
* NFSv4: Add some support for case insensitive filesystemsTrond Myklebust2022-01-061-1/+7
* NFS: don't store 'struct cred *' in struct nfs_access_entryNeilBrown2022-01-061-1/+0
* NFS: pass cred explicitly for access testsNeilBrown2022-01-061-5/+7
* NFS: change nfs_access_get_cached to only report the maskNeilBrown2022-01-061-9/+9
* Merge tag 'nfs-for-5.16-1' of git:// Torvalds2021-11-101-190/+99
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label argument from nfs_setsecurityAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-5/+4
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label argument from nfs_fhget()Anna Schumaker2021-11-051-1/+1
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label argument from nfs_instantiate()Anna Schumaker2021-11-051-1/+1
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs_setattrresAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-40/+16
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs4_getattr_resAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-14/+11
| * NFS: Remove the f_label from the nfs4_opendata and nfs_openresAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-24/+11
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs4_lookupp_res structAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-6/+4
| * NFS: Remove the label from the nfs4_lookup_res structAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-9/+7
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs4_link_res structAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-13/+3
| * NFS: Remove the nfs4_label from the nfs4_create_res structAnna Schumaker2021-11-051-7/+5
| * nfs4: take a reference on the nfs_client when running FREE_STATEIDScott Mayhew2021-11-031-0/+8
| * NFSv4: Fix a regression in nfs_set_open_stateid_locked()Trond Myklebust2021-10-271-7/+8
| * NFS: Create an nfs4_server_set_init_caps() functionAnna Schumaker2021-10-201-0/+2
| * NFS: Remove --> and <-- dprintk call sitesChuck Lever2021-10-201-49/+5
| * NFSv4: Retrieve ACCESS on open if we're not using NFS4_CREATE_EXCLUSIVETrond Myklebust2021-10-031-23/+22
* | security: Return xattr name from security_dentry_init_security()Vivek Goyal2021-10-201-1/+2
* Merge part 2 of branch 'sysfs-devel'Trond Myklebust2021-07-081-5/+33
| * NFSv4.1 identify and mark RPC tasks that can move between transportsOlga Kornievskaia2021-07-081-5/+33
* | NFSv4/pnfs: Clean up layout get on openTrond Myklebust2021-07-081-5/+1
* | Merge branch 'leases-devel'Trond Myklebust2021-06-291-0/+37
|\ \
| * | NFSv4: setlease should return EAGAIN if locks are not availableTrond Myklebust2021-06-291-2/+2
| * | NFSv4: Add support for application leases underpinned by a delegationTrond Myklebust2021-06-131-0/+37
| |/
* / NFSv4: Fix handling of non-atomic change attrbute updatesTrond Myklebust2021-06-261-18/+15
* NFSv4: Fix second deadlock in nfs4_evict_inode()Trond Myklebust2021-06-031-2/+7
* NFSv4: Fix deadlock between nfs4_evict_inode() and nfs4_opendata_get_inode()Trond Myklebust2021-06-031-1/+11
* NFS: Ensure the NFS_CAP_SECURITY_LABEL capability is set when appropriateScott Mayhew2021-06-031-4/+4
* NFSv4: nfs4_proc_set_acl needs to restore NFS_CAP_UIDGID_NOMAP on error.Dai Ngo2021-06-011-0/+8
* fs/nfs: Use fatal_signal_pending instead of signal_pendingzhouchuangao2021-05-201-2/+2
* Merge tag 'nfs-for-5.13-1' of git:// Torvalds2021-05-071-113/+145
| * NFS: Split attribute support out from the server capabilitiesTrond Myklebust2021-04-141-24/+25