path: root/fs/notify/mark.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-16fanotify: configurable limits via sysfsAmir Goldstein
2020-04-15fsnotify: Add missing annotation for fsnotify_finish_user_wait() and for fsno...Jules Irenge
2019-08-19notify: export symbols for use by the knfsd file cacheTrond Myklebust
2019-06-19fanotify: update connector fsid cache on add markAmir Goldstein
2019-05-21treewide: Replace GPLv2 boilerplate/reference with SPDX - rule 18Thomas Gleixner
2019-05-01fsnotify: Clarify connector assignment in fsnotify_add_mark_list()Jan Kara
2019-04-28fsnotify: Fix NULL ptr deref in fanotify_get_fsid()Jan Kara
2019-02-07fanotify: cache fsid in fsnotify_mark_connectorAmir Goldstein
2018-10-25fsnotify: Fix busy inodes during unmountJan Kara
2018-09-03fsnotify: add super block object typeAmir Goldstein
2018-08-20fsnotify: fix false positive warning on inode deleteJan Kara
2018-06-27fsnotify: add helper to get mask from connectorAmir Goldstein
2018-06-27fsnotify: let connector point to an abstract objectAmir Goldstein
2018-06-27fsnotify: pass connp and object type to fsnotify_add_mark()Amir Goldstein
2018-06-27fsnotify: use typedef fsnotify_connp_t for brevityAmir Goldstein
2018-05-18fsnotify: generalize iteration of marks by object typeAmir Goldstein
2018-05-18fsnotify: use type id to identify connector object typeAmir Goldstein
2017-10-31fsnotify: convert fsnotify_mark.refcnt from atomic_t to refcount_tElena Reshetova
2017-10-31fsnotify: fix pinning group in fsnotify_prepare_user_wait()Miklos Szeredi
2017-10-31fsnotify: clean up fsnotify_prepare/finish_user_wait()Miklos Szeredi
2017-10-31fsnotify: Protect bail out path of fsnotify_add_mark_locked() properlyJan Kara
2017-04-24fsnotify: remove a stray unlockDan Carpenter
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move ->free_mark callback to fsnotify_opsJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Add group pointer in fsnotify_init_mark()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove fsnotify_detach_group_marks()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Rename fsnotify_clear_marks_by_group_flags()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove fsnotify_set_mark_{,ignored_}mask_locked()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Provide framework for dropping SRCU lock in ->handle_eventJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove special handling of mark destruction on group shutdownJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Detach mark from object list when last reference is droppedJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move queueing of mark for destruction into fsnotify_put_mark()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Free fsnotify_mark_connector when there is no mark attachedJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Lock object list with connector lockJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove useless list deletion and commentJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Avoid double locking in fsnotify_detach_from_object()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove indirection from fsnotify_detach_mark()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Determine lock in fsnotify_destroy_marks()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move locking into fsnotify_find_mark()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move locking into fsnotify_recalc_mask()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move fsnotify_destroy_marks()Jan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Remove indirection from mark list additionJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Make fsnotify_mark_connector hold inode referenceJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move object pointer to fsnotify_mark_connectorJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Move mark list head from object into dedicated structureJan Kara
2017-04-10fsnotify: Update commentsJan Kara
2016-12-23fsnotify: Remove fsnotify_duplicate_mark()Jan Kara
2016-05-19fsnotify: avoid spurious EMFILE errors from inotify_init()Jan Kara
2016-02-18fsnotify: turn fsnotify reaper thread into a workqueue jobJeff Layton
2016-02-18Revert "fsnotify: destroy marks with call_srcu instead of dedicated thread"Jeff Layton
2016-01-14fsnotify: destroy marks with call_srcu instead of dedicated threadJeff Layton