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* mm/hwpoison: fix race between hugetlb free/demotion and memory_failure_hugetlb()Naoya Horiguchi2022-04-211-0/+6
* Merge tag 'folio-5.18c' of git:// Torvalds2022-03-221-0/+5
| * mm: Convert page_vma_mapped_walk to work on PFNsMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)2022-03-211-0/+5
* | mm: hugetlb: replace hugetlb_free_vmemmap_enabled with a static_keyMuchun Song2022-03-221-6/+0
* | mm: merge pte_mkhuge() call into arch_make_huge_pte()Anshuman Khandual2022-03-221-1/+1
* hugetlb: add hugetlb.*.numa_stat fileMina Almasry2022-01-151-2/+2
* mm,hugetlb: remove mlock ulimit for SHM_HUGETLBzhangyiru2021-11-091-4/+2
* hugetlbfs: extend the definition of hugepages parameter to support node alloc...Zhenguo Yao2021-11-061-2/+4
* mm, hugepages: add mremap() support for hugepage backed vmaMina Almasry2021-11-061-0/+19
* hugetlb: add demote hugetlb page sysfs interfacesMike Kravetz2021-11-061-0/+1
* mm/hugetlb: drop __unmap_hugepage_range definition from hugetlb.hPeter Xu2021-11-061-10/+0
* mm/hugetlb: initialize hugetlb_usage in mm_initLiu Zixian2021-09-081-0/+9
* mm: fix spelling mistakes in header filesZhen Lei2021-07-081-3/+3
* Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds2021-07-021-4/+38
| * mm: migrate: fix missing update page_private to hugetlb_page_subpoolMuchun Song2021-06-301-0/+5
| * mm: sparsemem: use huge PMD mapping for vmemmap pagesMuchun Song2021-06-301-19/+6
| * mm/hugetlb: change parameters of arch_make_huge_pte()Christophe Leroy2021-06-301-2/+2
| * mm: hugetlb: introduce nr_free_vmemmap_pages in the struct hstateMuchun Song2021-06-301-0/+3
| * mm: hugetlb: add a kernel parameter hugetlb_free_vmemmapMuchun Song2021-06-301-0/+19
| * mm: hugetlb: alloc the vmemmap pages associated with each HugeTLB pageMuchun Song2021-06-301-0/+3
| * mm: hugetlb: gather discrete indexes of tail pageMuchun Song2021-06-301-2/+19
* | Merge branch 'for-linus' of git:// Torvalds2021-06-281-2/+2
|\ \ | |/ |/|
| * Reimplement RLIMIT_MEMLOCK on top of ucountsAlexey Gladkov2021-04-301-2/+2
* | mm, futex: fix shared futex pgoff on shmem huge pageHugh Dickins2021-06-241-16/+0
* | mm/hugetlb: expand restore_reserve_on_error functionalityMike Kravetz2021-06-161-0/+2
* | mm,hwpoison: fix race with hugetlb page allocationNaoya Horiguchi2021-06-161-0/+6
* | userfaultfd: add UFFDIO_CONTINUE ioctlAxel Rasmussen2021-05-051-0/+3
* | userfaultfd: hugetlbfs: only compile UFFD helpers if config enabledAxel Rasmussen2021-05-051-0/+4
* | mm: make alloc_contig_range handle in-use hugetlb pagesOscar Salvador2021-05-051-2/+3
* | mm: make alloc_contig_range handle free hugetlb pagesOscar Salvador2021-05-051-0/+6
* | hugetlb: add per-hstate mutex to synchronize user adjustmentsMike Kravetz2021-05-051-0/+1
* | hugetlb/userfaultfd: unshare all pmds for hugetlbfs when register wpPeter Xu2021-05-051-0/+3
* | mm/hugetlb: move flush_hugetlb_tlb_range() into hugetlb.hPeter Xu2021-05-051-0/+8
* | hugetlb/userfaultfd: forbid huge pmd sharing when uffd enabledPeter Xu2021-05-051-0/+2
* | hugetlb: pass vma into huge_pte_alloc() and huge_pmd_share()Peter Xu2021-05-051-2/+3
* mm/hugetlb: change hugetlb_reserve_pages() to type boolMike Kravetz2021-02-241-1/+1
* include/linux/hugetlb.h: add synchronization information for new hugetlb spec...Mike Kravetz2021-02-241-0/+10
* hugetlb: convert PageHugeFreed to HPageFreed flagMike Kravetz2021-02-241-0/+3
* hugetlb: convert PageHugeTemporary() to HPageTemporary flagMike Kravetz2021-02-241-0/+6
* hugetlb: convert page_huge_active() HPageMigratable flagMike Kravetz2021-02-241-2/+5
* hugetlb: use page.private for hugetlb specific page flagsMike Kravetz2021-02-241-0/+68
* mm/hugetlb: fix some comment typosMiaohe Lin2021-02-241-1/+1
* mm: hugetlbfs: fix cannot migrate the fallocated HugeTLB pageMuchun Song2021-02-051-0/+2
* mm: and drivers core: Convert hugetlb_report_node_meminfo to sysfs_emitJoe Perches2020-10-021-2/+2
* mm/hugetlb: make hugetlb migration callback CMA awareJoonsoo Kim2020-08-121-2/+0
* mm/gup: restrict CMA region by using allocation scope APIJoonsoo Kim2020-08-121-0/+2
* mm/migrate: introduce a standard migration target allocation functionJoonsoo Kim2020-08-121-0/+15
* mm/hugetlb: unify migration callbacksJoonsoo Kim2020-08-121-8/+18
* hugetlbfs: remove call to huge_pte_alloc without i_mmap_rwsemMike Kravetz2020-08-121-3/+5
* mm: introduce include/linux/pgtable.hMike Rapoport2020-06-091-1/+1