path: root/include/linux/mhi.h
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-17bus: mhi: core: Add an API for auto queueing buffers for DL channelManivannan Sadhasivam
2021-12-09bus: mhi: core: Add support for forced PM resumeLoic Poulain
2021-09-01Merge tag 'char-misc-5.15-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2021-08-27Revert "bus: mhi: Add inbound buffers allocation flag"Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-08-26Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-08-26Revert "net: really fix the build..."Kalle Valo
2021-08-05Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-08-05bus: mhi: Add MMIO region length to controller structureBhaumik Bhatt
2021-08-05bus: mhi: Add inbound buffers allocation flagLoic Poulain
2021-08-03net: really fix the build...David S. Miller
2021-08-02Revert "mhi: Fix networking tree build."Jakub Kicinski
2021-08-02mhi: Fix networking tree build.David S. Miller
2021-07-15bus: mhi: pci-generic: configurable network interface MRURichard Laing
2021-04-09bus: mhi: fix typo in comments for struct mhi_channel_configJarvis Jiang
2021-04-07bus: mhi: Improve documentation on channel transfer setup APIsBhaumik Bhatt
2021-04-07bus: mhi: core: Remove pre_init flag used for power purposesBhaumik Bhatt
2021-03-31bus: mhi: core: Add support for Flash Programmer execution environmentCarl Yin
2021-03-10bus: mhi: Make firmware image optional for controllerBhaumik Bhatt
2021-01-27Merge branch 'mhi-net-immutable' into mhi-nextManivannan Sadhasivam
2021-01-27bus: mhi: core: Add helper API to return number of free TREsHemant Kumar
2021-01-21Merge branch 'mhi-ath11k-immutable' into mhi-nextManivannan Sadhasivam
2021-01-21mhi: use irq_flags if controller driver configures itCarl Huang
2021-01-21mhi: unconstify mhi_event_configLoic Poulain
2021-01-04bus: mhi: core: Add device hardware reset supportLoic Poulain
2020-12-15Merge tag 'char-misc-5.11-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2020-12-04Merge tag 'wireless-drivers-next-2020-12-03' of git:// Kicinski
2020-11-28bus: mhi: core: Indexed MHI controller nameLoic Poulain
2020-11-20Merge branch 'mhi-ath11k-immutable' into mhi-nextManivannan Sadhasivam
2020-11-18bus: mhi: core: Move to using high priority workqueueBhaumik Bhatt
2020-11-18bus: mhi: core: Rename RDDM download function to use proper wordsBhaumik Bhatt
2020-11-18bus: mhi: core: Expose mhi_get_exec_env() API for controllersBhaumik Bhatt
2020-11-18bus: mhi: Remove auto-start optionLoic Poulain
2020-11-05bus: mhi: Add mhi_queue_is_full functionLoic Poulain
2020-10-02bus: mhi: Remove unused nr_irqs_req variableLoic Poulain
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Introduce debugfs entries for MHIBhaumik Bhatt
2020-10-02bus: mhi: Remove include of rwlock_types.hClark Williams
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Add const qualifier to MHI config informationHemant Kumar
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Introduce APIs to allocate and free the MHI controllerBhaumik Bhatt
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Read and save device hardware information from BHIBhaumik Bhatt
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Introduce counters to track MHI device state transitionsBhaumik Bhatt
2020-10-02bus: mhi: core: Use generic name field for an MHI deviceBhaumik Bhatt
2020-10-02bus: mhi: fix doubled words and struct image_info kernel-docRandy Dunlap
2020-05-22bus: mhi: core: Remove the system error worker threadHemant Kumar
2020-05-22bus: mhi: core: Handle firmware load using state workerBhaumik Bhatt
2020-05-11Merge 5.7-rc5 into char-misc-nextGreg Kroah-Hartman
2020-05-05bus: mhi: core: Fix typo in commentJeffrey Hugo
2020-05-05bus: mhi: core: Offload register accesses to the controllerJeffrey Hugo
2020-05-05bus: mhi: core: Remove link_status() callbackJeffrey Hugo
2020-05-05bus: mhi: Fix parsing of mhi_flagsManivannan Sadhasivam
2020-04-28bus: mhi: core: Add support for MHI suspend and resumeManivannan Sadhasivam