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* net: dsa: remove legacy_pre_march2020 detectionRussell King (Oracle)7 days1-3/+0
* net: dsa: add support for mac_prepare() and mac_finish() callsRussell King (Oracle)7 days1-0/+6
* net: dsa: add support for setting default speed and interfaceRussell King (Oracle)7 days1-1/+2
* net: dsa: pass extack to dsa_switch_ops :: port_mirror_add()Vladimir Oltean2022-03-171-1/+1
* net: dsa: Handle MST state changesTobias Waldekranz2022-03-171-0/+3
* net: dsa: Pass VLAN MSTI migration notifications to driverTobias Waldekranz2022-03-171-0/+3
* net: dsa: report and change port dscp priority using dcbnlVladimir Oltean2022-03-141-0/+5
* net: dsa: report and change port default priority using dcbnlVladimir Oltean2022-03-141-0/+7
* net: dsa: felix: avoid early deletion of host FDB entriesVladimir Oltean2022-03-091-0/+6
* net: dsa: tag_rtl8_4: add rtl8_4t trailing variantLuiz Angelo Daros de Luca2022-03-051-0/+2
* net: dsa: felix: migrate host FDB and MDB entries when changing tag protoVladimir Oltean2022-03-031-0/+7
* net: dsa: pass extack to .port_bridge_join driver methodsVladimir Oltean2022-02-271-2/+4
* net: dsa: request drivers to perform FDB isolationVladimir Oltean2022-02-271-6/+36
* net: dsa: support FDB events on offloaded LAG interfacesVladimir Oltean2022-02-241-0/+6
* net: dsa: create a dsa_lag structureVladimir Oltean2022-02-241-13/+37
* net: dsa: make LAG IDs one-basedVladimir Oltean2022-02-241-3/+5
* net: dsa: rename references to "lag" as "lag_dev"Vladimir Oltean2022-02-241-6/+6
* net: dsa: remove pcs_pollRussell King (Oracle)2022-02-191-5/+0
* net: dsa: add support for phylink mac_select_pcs()Russell King (Oracle)2022-02-181-0/+3
* net: dsa: delete unused exported symbols for ethtool PHY statsVladimir Oltean2022-02-171-3/+0
* Merge git:// Kicinski2022-02-171-0/+1
| * net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: flush switchdev FDB workqueue before removing VLANVladimir Oltean2022-02-141-0/+1
* | net: dsa: add explicit support for host bridge VLANsVladimir Oltean2022-02-161-0/+10
* | net: dsa: typo in commentLuiz Angelo Daros de Luca2022-02-081-1/+1
* | net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Improve multichip isolation of standalone portsTobias Waldekranz2022-02-031-0/+6
* | net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: Improve isolation of standalone portsTobias Waldekranz2022-02-031-0/+12
* | net: dsa: provide switch operations for tracking the master stateVladimir Oltean2022-02-021-0/+17
* net: dsa: warn about dsa_port and dsa_switch bit fields being non atomicVladimir Oltean2022-01-061-0/+8
* net: dsa: don't enumerate dsa_switch and dsa_port bit fields using commasVladimir Oltean2022-01-061-58/+56
* net: dsa: combine two holes in struct dsa_switch_treeVladimir Oltean2022-01-051-3/+3
* net: dsa: move dsa_switch_tree :: ports and lags to first cache lineVladimir Oltean2022-01-051-7/+9
* net: dsa: make dsa_switch :: num_ports an unsigned intVladimir Oltean2022-01-051-1/+1
* net: dsa: merge all bools of struct dsa_switch into a single u32Vladimir Oltean2022-01-051-46/+51
* net: dsa: move dsa_port :: type near dsa_port :: indexVladimir Oltean2022-01-051-2/+4
* net: dsa: merge all bools of struct dsa_port into a single u8Vladimir Oltean2022-01-051-7/+10
* net: dsa: move dsa_port :: stp_state near dsa_port :: macVladimir Oltean2022-01-051-1/+3
* net: dsa: make tagging protocols connect to individual switches from a treeVladimir Oltean2021-12-141-3/+2
* net: dsa: remove dp->privVladimir Oltean2021-12-121-6/+0
* net: dsa: introduce tagger-owned storage for private and shared dataVladimir Oltean2021-12-121-0/+12
* net: dsa: eliminate dsa_switch_ops :: port_bridge_tx_fwd_{,un}offloadVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-6/+1
* net: dsa: add a "tx_fwd_offload" argument to ->port_bridge_joinVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-1/+2
* net: dsa: keep the bridge_dev and bridge_num as part of the same structureVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-13/+21
* net: dsa: export bridging offload helpers to driversVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-0/+43
* net: dsa: hide dp->bridge_dev and dp->bridge_num in the core behind helpersVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-0/+21
* net: dsa: assign a bridge number even without TX forwarding offloadVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-5/+5
* net: dsa: make dp->bridge_num one-basedVladimir Oltean2021-12-081-3/+3
* net: dsa: replace phylink_get_interfaces() with phylink_get_caps()Russell King (Oracle)2021-12-011-2/+2
* net: dsa: populate supported_interfaces memberMarek BehĂșn2021-11-011-0/+2
* net: dsa: introduce locking for the address lists on CPU and DSA portsVladimir Oltean2021-10-251-0/+1
* Revert "Merge branch 'dsa-rtnl'"David S. Miller2021-10-251-1/+0