path: root/include/trace/define_trace.h
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* tracepoint: Optimize using static_call()Steven Rostedt (VMware)2020-09-011-7/+7
* tracing: introduce TRACE_EVENT_NOP()Yafang Shao2019-04-081-0/+8
* bpf: introduce BPF_RAW_TRACEPOINTAlexei Starovoitov2018-03-281-0/+1
* License cleanup: add SPDX GPL-2.0 license identifier to files with no licenseGreg Kroah-Hartman2017-11-021-0/+1
* tracing: Introduce TRACE_EVENT_FN_COND macroDenis Kirjanov2015-12-231-0/+6
* tracing: Allow disabling compilation of specific trace systemsTal Shorer2015-10-201-1/+1
* tracing: Move the perf code out of trace_event.hSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)2015-05-131-0/+1
* tracing: Rename trace/ftrace.h to trace/trace_events.hSteven Rostedt (Red Hat)2015-05-131-1/+1
* tracing: Add DEFINE_EVENT_FN() macroSteven Rostedt2013-06-201-0/+5
* treewide: fix comment/printk/variable typosAnatol Pomozov2012-09-011-1/+1
* Revert "tracing: Include module.h in define_trace.h"Paul Gortmaker2011-10-311-10/+0
* tracing: Include module.h in define_trace.hSteven Rostedt2011-01-071-0/+10
* tracing: Add TRACE_EVENT_CONDITIONAL()Steven Rostedt2010-12-031-0/+15
* tracing: Fix tracepoint.h DECLARE_TRACE() to allow more than one headerSteven Rostedt2010-05-051-0/+5
* events: Rename TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATE() to DECLARE_EVENT_CLASS()Ingo Molnar2009-11-261-1/+1
* tracing: Create new DEFINE_EVENT_PRINTSteven Rostedt2009-11-241-0/+5
* tracing: Create new TRACE_EVENT_TEMPLATESteven Rostedt2009-11-241-0/+6
* tracing: Undef TRACE_EVENT_FN between trace events headers inclusionFrederic Weisbecker2009-08-271-0/+1
* Merge branch 'tracing/core' of git:// Molnar2009-08-261-0/+5
| * tracing: Move tracepoint callbacks from declaration to definitionJosh Stone2009-08-261-0/+5
* | tracing/events: fix the include file dependenciesXiao Guangrong2009-08-261-0/+1
* tracing: remove deprecated TRACE_FORMATSteven Rostedt2009-04-241-4/+0
* tracing: fix cut and paste macro errorSteven Rostedt2009-04-231-4/+4
* tracing/events: enable code with EVENT_TRACING not EVENT_TRACERSteven Rostedt2009-04-171-1/+1
* tracing/events: move trace point headers into include/trace/eventsSteven Rostedt2009-04-141-1/+1
* tracing/events: move the ftrace event tracing code to coreSteven Rostedt2009-04-141-0/+4
* tracing: create automated trace definesSteven Rostedt2009-04-141-0/+75