path: root/kernel/bpf/verifier.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-21bpf: Fix warning for cast from restricted gfp_t in verifierJoanne Koong
2022-03-21Revert "bpf: Add support to inline bpf_get_func_ip helper on x86"Jiri Olsa
2022-03-20bpf: Enable non-atomic allocations in local storageJoanne Koong
2022-03-17bpf: Add support to inline bpf_get_func_ip helper on x86Jiri Olsa
2022-03-16bpf: Fix net.core.bpf_jit_harden raceHou Tao
2022-03-10bpf: Use offsetofend() to simplify macro definitionYuntao Wang
2022-03-08bpf: Determine buf_info inside check_buffer_access()Shung-Hsi Yu
2022-03-05bpf: Reject programs that try to load __percpu memory.Hao Luo
2022-03-05bpf: Fix checking PTR_TO_BTF_ID in check_mem_accessHao Luo
2022-03-05bpf: Harden register offset checks for release helpers and kfuncsKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-03-05bpf: Disallow negative offset in check_ptr_off_regKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-03-05bpf: Add check_func_arg_reg_off functionKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-03-03bpf: Small BPF verifier log improvementsMykola Lysenko
2022-02-15bpf: Reject kfunc calls that overflow insn->immHou Tao
2022-02-07bpf: Use prog->jited_len in bpf_prog_ksym_set_addr()Song Liu
2022-01-27bpf: reject program if a __user tagged memory accessed in kernel wayYonghong Song
2022-01-24Merge Kicinski
2022-01-19bpf: Fix ringbuf memory type confusion when passing to helpersDaniel Borkmann
2022-01-19bpf: Fix out of bounds access for ringbuf helpersDaniel Borkmann
2022-01-19bpf: Generally fix helper register offset checkDaniel Borkmann
2022-01-19bpf: Mark PTR_TO_FUNC register initially with zero offsetDaniel Borkmann
2022-01-19bpf: Generalize check_ctx_reg for reuse with other typesDaniel Borkmann
2022-01-18bpf: Add reference tracking support to kfuncKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-01-18bpf: Introduce mem, size argument pair support for kfuncKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-01-18bpf: Remove check_kfunc_call callback and old kfunc BTF ID APIKumar Kartikeya Dwivedi
2022-01-11bpf: Fix incorrect integer literal used for marking scratched stack.Christy Lee
2022-01-05bpf: Fix verifier support for validation of async callbacksKris Van Hees
2022-01-05bpf: Don't promote bogus looking registers after null check.Daniel Borkmann
2021-12-31Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-12-29bpf: Allow bpf_local_storage to be used by sleepable programsKP Singh
2021-12-18bpf: Add MEM_RDONLY for helper args that are pointers to rdonly mem.Hao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Make per_cpu_ptr return rdonly PTR_TO_MEM.Hao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Convert PTR_TO_MEM_OR_NULL to composable types.Hao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Introduce MEM_RDONLY flagHao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Replace PTR_TO_XXX_OR_NULL with PTR_TO_XXX | PTR_MAYBE_NULLHao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Replace RET_XXX_OR_NULL with RET_XXX | PTR_MAYBE_NULLHao Luo
2021-12-18bpf: Replace ARG_XXX_OR_NULL with ARG_XXX | PTR_MAYBE_NULLHao Luo
2021-12-16Only output backtracking information in log level 2Christy Lee
2021-12-16bpf: Right align verifier states in verifier logs.Christy Lee
2021-12-16bpf: Only print scratched registers and stack slots to verifier logs.Christy Lee
2021-12-16Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-12-16add missing bpf-cgroup.h includesJakub Kicinski
2021-12-16bpf: Make 32->64 bounds propagation slightly more robustDaniel Borkmann
2021-12-16bpf: Fix signed bounds propagation after mov32Daniel Borkmann
2021-12-14bpf: Fix kernel address leakage in atomic cmpxchg's r0 aux regDaniel Borkmann
2021-12-14bpf: Fix kernel address leakage in atomic fetchDaniel Borkmann
2021-12-13bpf: Add get_func_[arg|ret|arg_cnt] helpersJiri Olsa
2021-12-10Merge Kicinski
2021-12-10bpf: Fix incorrect state pruning for <8B spill/fillPaul Chaignon
2021-12-09Merge git:// Kicinski