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* sched/pelt: Fix attach_entity_load_avg() corner casekuyo chang2022-04-191-5/+5
* Merge tag 'ptrace-cleanups-for-v5.18' of git:// Torvalds2022-03-281-0/+1
* | sched/numa: Fix boot crash on arm64 systemsHuang, Ying2022-03-221-1/+1
* | sched/headers: Reorganize, clean up and optimize kernel/sched/fair.c dependen...Ingo Molnar2022-02-231-0/+29
* | sched/headers: Standardize kernel/sched/sched.h header dependenciesIngo Molnar2022-02-231-0/+2
* | Merge tag 'v5.17-rc5' into sched/core, to resolve conflictsIngo Molnar2022-02-211-41/+77
|\ \
| * | sched/fair: Fix all kernel-doc warningsRandy Dunlap2022-01-181-3/+5
| * | sched/pelt: Relax the sync of load_sum with load_avgVincent Guittot2022-01-181-14/+22
| * | sched/pelt: Relax the sync of runnable_sum with runnable_avgVincent Guittot2022-01-181-14/+19
| * | sched/pelt: Continue to relax the sync of util_sum with util_avgVincent Guittot2022-01-181-7/+18
| * | sched/pelt: Relax the sync of util_sum with util_avgVincent Guittot2022-01-181-3/+13
| |/
* | sched/isolation: Use single feature type while referring to housekeeping cpumaskFrederic Weisbecker2022-02-161-5/+5
* | sched/numa: Avoid migrating task to CPU-less nodeHuang Ying2022-02-161-5/+20
* | sched/numa: Fix NUMA topology for systems with CPU-less nodesHuang Ying2022-02-161-7/+8
* | sched/fair: Adjust the allowed NUMA imbalance when SD_NUMA spans multiple LLCsMel Gorman2022-02-111-10/+12
* | sched/fair: Improve consistency of allowed NUMA balance calculationsMel Gorman2022-02-111-8/+10
* | sched/numa: initialize numa statistics when forking new taskHonglei Wang2022-01-271-0/+2
* sched/fair: Replace CFS internal cpu_util() with cpu_util_cfs()Dietmar Eggemann2021-12-111-63/+8
* sched/fair: Cleanup task_util and capacity typeVincent Donnefort2021-12-081-2/+3
* sched/fair: Document the slow path and fast path in select_task_rq_fairBarry Song2021-12-071-0/+5
* sched/fair: Fix per-CPU kthread and wakee stacking for asym CPU capacityVincent Donnefort2021-12-041-1/+2
* sched/fair: Fix detection of per-CPU kthreads waking a taskVincent Donnefort2021-12-041-0/+1
* sched/core: Forced idle accountingJosh Don2021-11-171-1/+1
* sched/fair: Prevent dead task groups from regaining cfs_rq'sMathias Krause2021-11-111-2/+2
* sched/fair: Cleanup newidle_balanceVincent Guittot2021-10-311-5/+3
* sched/fair: Remove sysctl_sched_migration_cost conditionVincent Guittot2021-10-311-2/+1
* sched/fair: Wait before decaying max_newidle_lb_costVincent Guittot2021-10-311-9/+27
* sched/fair: Skip update_blocked_averages if we are defering load balanceVincent Guittot2021-10-311-3/+6
* sched/fair: Account update_blocked_averages in newidle_balance costVincent Guittot2021-10-311-4/+7
* sched/numa: Fix a few commentsBharata B Rao2021-10-141-2/+2
* sched/numa: Remove the redundant member numa_group::fault_cpusBharata B Rao2021-10-141-7/+5
* sched/numa: Replace hard-coded number by a define in numa_task_group()Bharata B Rao2021-10-141-1/+2
* sched/fair: Removed useless update of p->recent_used_cpuVincent Guittot2021-10-051-5/+0
* sched/fair: Consider SMT in ASYM_PACKING load balanceRicardo Neri2021-10-051-0/+92
* sched/fair: Carve out logic to mark a group for asymmetric packingRicardo Neri2021-10-051-7/+13
* sched/fair: Provide update_sg_lb_stats() with sched domain statisticsRicardo Neri2021-10-051-2/+3
* sched/fair: Optimize checking for group_asym_packingRicardo Neri2021-10-051-1/+1
* sched: Make schedstats helpers independent of fair sched classYafang Shao2021-10-051-115/+19
* sched: Make struct sched_statistics independent of fair sched classYafang Shao2021-10-051-36/+53
* sched/fair: Use __schedstat_set() in set_next_entity()Yafang Shao2021-10-051-3/+3
* sched/fair: Add cfs bandwidth burst statisticsHuaixin Chang2021-10-051-0/+9
* sched: adjust sleeper credit for SCHED_IDLE entitiesJosh Don2021-10-051-1/+6
* sched: reduce sched slice for SCHED_IDLE entitiesJosh Don2021-10-051-5/+24
* sched: Account number of SCHED_IDLE entities on each cfs_rqJosh Don2021-10-051-1/+24
* sched/fair: Trigger nohz.next_balance updates when a CPU goes NOHZ-idleValentin Schneider2021-10-051-2/+13
* sched/fair: Add NOHZ balancer flag for nohz.next_balance updatesValentin Schneider2021-10-051-10/+14
* sched/fair: Add ancestors of unthrottled undecayed cfs_rqMichal Koutný2021-10-011-1/+5
* Merge tag 'sched-core-2021-08-30' of git:// Torvalds2021-08-301-32/+179
| * sched/fair: Mark tg_is_idle() an inline in the !CONFIG_FAIR_GROUP_SCHED caseIngo Molnar2021-08-261-1/+1
| * sched: Cgroup SCHED_IDLE supportJosh Don2021-08-201-25/+172