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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-05kfence: use TASK_IDLE when awaiting allocationMarco Elver
2021-05-07mm: fix typos in commentsIngo Molnar
2021-05-05kfence: use power-efficient work queue to run delayed workMarco Elver
2021-05-05kfence: maximize allocation wait timeout durationMarco Elver
2021-05-05kfence: await for allocation using wait_eventMarco Elver
2021-05-05kfence: zero guard page after out-of-bounds accessMarco Elver
2021-03-25kfence: make compatible with kmemleakMarco Elver
2021-03-13kfence: fix reports if constant function prefixes existMarco Elver
2021-03-13kfence: fix printk format for ptrdiff_tMarco Elver
2021-02-26kfence: use error_report_end tracepointAlexander Potapenko
2021-02-26kfence: report sensitive information based on no_hash_pointersMarco Elver
2021-02-26kfence: add test suiteMarco Elver
2021-02-26mm, kfence: insert KFENCE hooks for SLUBAlexander Potapenko
2021-02-26mm, kfence: insert KFENCE hooks for SLABAlexander Potapenko
2021-02-26kfence: use pt_regs to generate stack trace on faultsMarco Elver
2021-02-26mm: add Kernel Electric-Fence infrastructureAlexander Potapenko