path: root/mm/khugepaged.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-07mm: fix typos in commentsIngo Molnar
2021-05-05mm/vmscan: replace implicit RECLAIM_ZONE checks with explicit checksDave Hansen
2021-05-05khugepaged: remove meaningless !pte_present() check in khugepaged_scan_pmd()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05khugepaged: remove unnecessary out label in collapse_huge_page()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05khugepaged: use helper function range_in_vma() in collapse_pte_mapped_thp()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05mm/khugepaged.c: replace barrier() with READ_ONCE() for a selective variableYanfei Xu
2021-05-05khugepaged: fix wrong result value for trace_mm_collapse_huge_page_isolate()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05khugepaged: use helper khugepaged_test_exit() in __khugepaged_enter()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05khugepaged: reuse the smp_wmb() inside __SetPageUptodate()Miaohe Lin
2021-05-05khugepaged: remove unneeded return value of khugepaged_collapse_pte_mapped_th...Miaohe Lin
2021-02-26mm,thp,shmem: make khugepaged obey tmpfs mount flagsRik van Riel
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_SHMEM_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_FILE_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-01-21mm: Avoid modifying vmf.address in __collapse_huge_page_swapin()Will Deacon
2020-12-15mm: fix some spelling mistakes in commentsHaitao Shi
2020-12-15mm: cleanup kstrto*() usageAlexey Dobriyan
2020-12-15mm: use sysfs_emit for struct kobject * usesJoe Perches
2020-12-15khugepaged: add parameter explanations for kernel-doc markupAlex Shi
2020-12-15mm: memcontrol: add file_thp, shmem_thp to memory.statJohannes Weiner
2020-10-16mm: remove the now-unnecessary mmget_still_valid() hackJann Horn
2020-10-11mm: khugepaged: recalculate min_free_kbytes after memory hotplug as expected ...Vijay Balakrishna
2020-10-10mm/khugepaged: fix filemap page_to_pgoff(page) != offsetHugh Dickins
2020-09-05mm/khugepaged.c: fix khugepaged's request size in collapse_fileDavid Howells
2020-08-21khugepaged: adjust VM_BUG_ON_MM() in __khugepaged_enter()Hugh Dickins
2020-08-12mm/vmscan: protect the workingset on anonymous LRUJoonsoo Kim
2020-08-07khugepaged: khugepaged_test_exit() check mmget_still_valid()Hugh Dickins
2020-08-07khugepaged: retract_page_tables() remember to test exitHugh Dickins
2020-08-07khugepaged: collapse_pte_mapped_thp() protect the pmd lockHugh Dickins
2020-08-07khugepaged: collapse_pte_mapped_thp() flush the right rangeHugh Dickins
2020-07-24khugepaged: fix null-pointer dereference due to raceKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-09mmap locking API: convert mmap_sem commentsMichel Lespinasse
2020-06-09mmap locking API: convert mmap_sem API commentsMichel Lespinasse
2020-06-09mmap locking API: use coccinelle to convert mmap_sem rwsem call sitesMichel Lespinasse
2020-06-03mm: fold and remove lru_cache_add_anon() and lru_cache_add_file()Johannes Weiner
2020-06-03mm: memcontrol: delete unused lrucare handlingJohannes Weiner
2020-06-03mm: memcontrol: convert anon and file-thp to new mem_cgroup_charge() APIJohannes Weiner
2020-06-03mm: memcontrol: switch to native NR_ANON_MAPPED counterJohannes Weiner
2020-06-03mm: memcontrol: switch to native NR_FILE_PAGES and NR_SHMEM countersJohannes Weiner
2020-06-03mm: memcontrol: drop @compound parameter from memcg charging APIJohannes Weiner
2020-06-03khugepaged: introduce 'max_ptes_shared' tunableKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-03khugepaged: allow to collapse PTE-mapped compound pagesKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-03khugepaged: allow to collapse a page shared across forkKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-03khugepaged: drain LRU add pagevec after swapinKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-03khugepaged: drain all LRU caches before scanning pagesKirill A. Shutemov
2020-06-03khugepaged: do not stop collapse if less than half PTEs are referencedKirill A. Shutemov
2020-05-28mm,thp: stop leaking unreleased file pagesHugh Dickins
2020-04-07khugepaged: skip collapse if uffd-wp detectedPeter Xu
2020-04-07mm: code cleanup for MADV_FREEHuang Ying
2020-04-07mm: remove CONFIG_TRANSPARENT_HUGE_PAGECACHEMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2020-04-02mm/vma: make is_vma_temporary_stack() available for general useAnshuman Khandual