path: root/mm/memcontrol.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-07mm: fix typos in commentsIngo Molnar
2021-05-05mm: memcontrol: reparent nr_deferred when memcg offlineYang Shi
2021-05-05mm: memcontrol: rename shrinker_map to shrinker_infoYang Shi
2021-05-05mm: vmscan: consolidate shrinker_maps handling codeYang Shi
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: inline __memcg_kmem_{un}charge() into obj_cgroup_{un}charge_p...Muchun Song
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: use obj_cgroup APIs to charge kmem pagesMuchun Song
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: change ug->dummy_page only if memcg changedMuchun Song
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: introduce obj_cgroup_{un}charge_pagesMuchun Song
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: slab: fix obtain a reference to a freeing memcgMuchun Song
2021-04-30memcg: charge before adding to swapcache on swapinShakeel Butt
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: consolidate lruvec stat flushingJohannes Weiner
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: switch to rstatJohannes Weiner
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: privatize memcg_page_state query functionsJohannes Weiner
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: kill mem_cgroup_nodeinfo()Johannes Weiner
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: fix cpuhotplug statistics flushingJohannes Weiner
2021-04-30memcg: enable memcg oom-kill for __GFP_NOFAILShakeel Butt
2021-04-30memcg: cleanup root memcg checksShakeel Butt
2021-04-30mm: page-writeback: simplify memcg handling in test_clear_page_writeback()Johannes Weiner
2021-03-13mm/memcg: rename mem_cgroup_split_huge_fixup to split_page_memcg and add nr_p...Zhou Guanghui
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: fix get_active_memcg return valueMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: fix swap undercounting in cgroup2Muchun Song
2021-02-24fs: buffer: use raw page_memcg() on locked pageJohannes Weiner
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: replace the loop with a list_for_each_entry()Muchun Song
2021-02-24mm/memcontrol: remove redundant NULL checkYang Li
2021-02-24mm: kmem: make __memcg_kmem_(un)charge staticRoman Gushchin
2021-02-24mm: memcg: add swapcache stat for memcg v2Shakeel Butt
2021-02-24mm/memcg: remove rcu locking for lock_page_lruvec function seriesAlex Shi
2021-02-24mm/memcg: revise the using condition of lock_page_lruvec function seriesAlex Shi
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: make the slab calculation consistentMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_SHMEM_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_FILE_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_ANON_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: fix NR_ANON_THPS accounting in charge movingMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: optimize per-lruvec stats counter memory usageMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcg/slab: pre-allocate obj_cgroups for slab caches with SLAB_ACCOUNTRoman Gushchin
2021-02-23Merge tag 'idmapped-mounts-v5.12' of git:// Torvalds
2021-02-09Revert "mm: memcontrol: avoid workload stalls when lowering memory.high"Johannes Weiner
2021-01-24mm: memcg/slab: optimize objcg stock drainingRoman Gushchin
2021-01-24fs: add file and path permissions helpersChristian Brauner
2020-12-19mm/memcontrol:rewrite mem_cgroup_page_lruvec()Hui Su
2020-12-19mm/memcg: warning on !memcg after readahead page chargedAlex Shi
2020-12-19mm/memcg: bail early from swap accounting if memcg disabledAlex Shi
2020-12-15Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)Linus Torvalds
2020-12-15mm/lru: replace pgdat lru_lock with lruvec lockAlex Shi
2020-12-15mm/memcg: add debug checking in lock_page_memcgAlex Shi
2020-12-15Merge tag 'net-next-5.11' of git:// Torvalds
2020-12-15mm: memcontrol: account pagetables per nodeShakeel Butt
2020-12-15mm: move lruvec stats update functions to vmstat.hShakeel Butt
2020-12-15mm/memcg: remove incorrect commentAlex Shi
2020-12-15mm: memcontrol: sssign boolean values to a bool variableKaixu Xia