path: root/mm/page_alloc.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-24mm/page_alloc: do bulk array bounds check after checking populated elementsMel Gorman
2021-06-24mm/page_alloc: __alloc_pages_bulk(): do bounds check before accessing arrayRasmus Villemoes
2021-06-05mm/page_alloc: fix counting of free pages after take off from buddyDing Hui
2021-05-07mm: fix typos in commentsLu Jialin
2021-05-07mm: fix typos in commentsIngo Molnar
2021-05-05mm/mempool: minor coding style tweaksZhiyuan Dai
2021-05-05mm/memory_hotplug: remove broken locking of zone PCP structures during hot re...Mel Gorman
2021-05-05mm: honor PF_MEMALLOC_PIN for all movable pagesPavel Tatashin
2021-05-05mm: apply per-task gfp constraints in fast pathPavel Tatashin
2021-05-05mm cma: rename PF_MEMALLOC_NOCMA to PF_MEMALLOC_PINPavel Tatashin
2021-05-05mm: use proper type for cma_[alloc|release]Minchan Kim
2021-05-05mm: replace migrate_[prep|finish] with lru_cache_[disable|enable]Minchan Kim
2021-05-05mm: disable LRU pagevec during the migration temporarilyMinchan Kim
2021-05-05mm: compaction: update the COMPACT[STALL|FAIL] events properlyCharan Teja Reddy
2021-05-05mm/vmscan: replace implicit RECLAIM_ZONE checks with explicit checksDave Hansen
2021-05-05mm,page_alloc: drop unnecessary checks from pfn_range_valid_contigOscar Salvador
2021-05-05mm,compaction: let isolate_migratepages_{range,block} return error codesOscar Salvador
2021-05-05mm,page_alloc: bail out earlier on -ENOMEM in alloc_contig_migrate_rangeOscar Salvador
2021-04-30mm: page_alloc: ignore init_on_free=1 for debug_pagealloc=1Sergei Trofimovich
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: inline __rmqueue_pcplistJesper Dangaard Brouer
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: optimize code layout for __alloc_pages_bulkJesper Dangaard Brouer
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: add an array-based interface to the bulk page allocatorMel Gorman
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: add a bulk page allocatorMel Gorman
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: rename alloced to allocatedMel Gorman
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: duplicate include linux/vmalloc.hzhouchuangao
2021-04-30mm, page_alloc: avoid page_to_pfn() in move_freepages()Kefeng Wang
2021-04-30mm: page_alloc: dump migrate-failed pagesMinchan Kim
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: combine __alloc_pages and __alloc_pages_nodemaskMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: rename gfp_mask to gfpMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: rename alloc_mask to alloc_gfpMatthew Wilcox (Oracle)
2021-04-30mm: remove lru_add_drain_all in alloc_contig_rangeMinchan Kim
2021-04-30mm/page_alloc: drop pr_info_ratelimited() in alloc_contig_range()David Hildenbrand
2021-04-30mm: move mem_init_print_info() into mm_init()Kefeng Wang
2021-04-30kasan, mm: integrate page_alloc init with HW_TAGSAndrey Konovalov
2021-04-30mm, kasan: don't poison boot memory with tag-based modesAndrey Konovalov
2021-04-30mm/vmalloc: hugepage vmalloc mappingsNicholas Piggin
2021-04-30mm: memcontrol: directly access page->memcg_data in mm/page_alloc.cMuchun Song
2021-04-08init_on_alloc: Optimize static branchesKees Cook
2021-03-13mm/memcg: set memcg when splitting pageZhou Guanghui
2021-03-13kasan, mm: fix crash with HW_TAGS and DEBUG_PAGEALLOCAndrey Konovalov
2021-03-13mm/page_alloc.c: refactor initialization of struct page for holes in memory l...Mike Rapoport
2021-02-26mm/page_alloc: count CMA pages per zone and print them in /proc/zoneinfoDavid Hildenbrand
2021-02-24mm: simplify free_highmem_page() and free_reserved_page()David Hildenbrand
2021-02-24mm: remove unneeded local variable in free_area_init_coreBaoquan He
2021-02-24mm: simplify parameter of setup_usemap()Baoquan He
2021-02-24mm: simplify parater of function memmap_init_zone()Baoquan He
2021-02-24mm: rename memmap_init() and memmap_init_zone()Baoquan He
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_SHMEM_PMDMAPPED account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_SHMEM_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song
2021-02-24mm: memcontrol: convert NR_ANON_THPS account to pagesMuchun Song