path: root/mm/sparse.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-16mm/sparse: fix check_usemap_section_nr warningsMiles Chen
2021-05-05mm/mempool: minor coding style tweaksZhiyuan Dai
2021-05-05mm,memory_hotplug: allocate memmap from the added memory rangeOscar Salvador
2021-04-30mm/sparse: add the missing sparse_buffer_fini() in error branchWang Wensheng
2020-10-16mm/memory_hotplug: guard more declarations by CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTPLUGDavid Hildenbrand
2020-10-13arch, mm: replace for_each_memblock() with for_each_mem_pfn_range()Mike Rapoport
2020-08-07mm/sparse: cleanup the code surrounding memory_present()Mike Rapoport
2020-08-07mm/sparse: never partially remove memmap for early sectionWei Yang
2020-08-07mm: remove unneeded includes of <asm/pgalloc.h>Mike Rapoport
2020-06-09mm: don't include asm/pgtable.h if linux/mm.h is already includedMike Rapoport
2020-06-04mm/sparse: fix a typo in comment "convienence"->"convenience"Ethon Paul
2020-04-07mm/sparse.c: move subsection_map related functions togetherBaoquan He
2020-04-07mm/sparse.c: add note about only VMEMMAP supporting sub-section hotplugBaoquan He
2020-04-07mm/sparse.c: only use subsection map in VMEMMAP caseBaoquan He
2020-04-07mm/sparse.c: introduce a new function clear_subsection_map()Baoquan He
2020-04-07mm/sparse.c: introduce new function fill_subsection_map()Baoquan He
2020-04-02mm/sparse.c: allocate memmap preferring the given nodeBaoquan He
2020-04-02mm/sparse.c: use kvmalloc/kvfree to alloc/free memmap for the classic sparseBaoquan He
2020-04-02mm/sparsemem: get address to page struct instead of address to pfnWei Yang
2020-03-29mm/sparse: fix kernel crash with pfn_section_valid checkAneesh Kumar K.V
2020-03-21mm/hotplug: fix hot remove failure in SPARSEMEM|!VMEMMAP caseBaoquan He
2020-02-21mm/sparsemem: pfn_to_page is not valid yet on SPARSEMEMWei Yang
2020-02-04mm: factor out next_present_section_nr()David Hildenbrand
2020-01-31mm/sparse.c: reset section's mem_map when fully deactivatedPingfan Liu
2020-01-13mm/memory_hotplug: don't free usage map when removing a re-added early sectionDavid Hildenbrand
2019-12-01mm: support memblock alloc on the exact node for sparse_buffer_init()Yunfeng Ye
2019-12-01mm/sparse.c: do not waste pre allocated memmap spaceMichal Hocko
2019-12-01mm/sparse.c: mark populate_section_memmap as __meminitIlya Leoshkevich
2019-12-01mm/sparse: consistently do not zero memmapVincent Whitchurch
2019-10-07mm: fix -Wmissing-prototypes warningsYi Wang
2019-09-24mm/sparse.c: remove NULL check in clear_hwpoisoned_pages()Alastair D'Silva
2019-09-24mm/sparse.c: don't manually decrement num_poisoned_pagesAlastair D'Silva
2019-09-24mm/sparse.c: use __nr_to_section(section_nr) to get mem_sectionWei Yang
2019-09-24mm/sparse.c: fix ALIGN() without power of 2 in sparse_buffer_alloc()Lecopzer Chen
2019-09-24mm/sparse.c: fix memory leak of sparsemap_buf in aligned memoryLecopzer Chen
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: cleanup 'section number' data typesDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: support sub-section hotplugDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: prepare for sub-section rangesDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: convert kmalloc_section_memmap() to populate_section_memmap()Dan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: add helpers track active portions of a section at bootDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: introduce a SECTION_IS_EARLY flagDan Williams
2019-07-18mm/sparsemem: introduce struct mem_section_usageDan Williams
2019-07-18mm: section numbers use the type "unsigned long"David Hildenbrand
2019-07-18mm/sparse.c: set section nid for hot-add memoryWei Yang
2019-07-18mm/memory_hotplug: remove "zone" parameter from sparse_remove_one_sectionDavid Hildenbrand
2019-07-18mm/memory_hotplug: allow arch_remove_memory() without CONFIG_MEMORY_HOTREMOVEDavid Hildenbrand
2019-05-14mm/sparse.c: clean up obsolete code commentBaoquan He
2019-03-29mm/hotplug: fix offline undo_isolate_page_range()Qian Cai
2019-03-12memblock: drop memblock_alloc_*_nopanic() variantsMike Rapoport
2019-03-12treewide: add checks for the return value of memblock_alloc*()Mike Rapoport