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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-10Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-06-09udp: fix race between close() and udp_abort()Paolo Abeni
2021-06-09netfilter: nft_fib_ipv6: skip ipv6 packets from any to link-localFlorian Westphal
2021-06-08net: ipv4: Remove unneed BUG() functionZheng Yongjun
2021-06-03ipv6: Fix KASAN: slab-out-of-bounds Read in fib6_nh_flush_exceptionsCoco Li
2021-06-03sit: set name of device back to struct parmszhang kai
2021-05-21ipv6: record frag_max_size in atomic fragments in input pathFrancesco Ruggeri
2021-05-17mld: fix panic in mld_newpack()Taehee Yoo
2021-04-29net: Remove redundant assignment to errYang Li
2021-04-29seg6: add counters support for SRv6 BehaviorsAndrea Mayer
2021-04-27net: bridge: mcast: fix broken length + header check for MRDv6 Adv.Linus L├╝ssing
2021-04-26netfilter: allow to turn off xtables compat layerFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: ip6_tables: pass table pointer via nf_hook_opsFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: xt_nat: pass table to hookfnFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: x_tables: remove paranoia testsFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: ip6tables: unregister the tables by nameFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: x_tables: remove ipt_unregister_tableFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: disable defrag once its no longer neededFlorian Westphal
2021-04-19Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-19mld: remove unnecessary prototypesTaehee Yoo
2021-04-18netfilter: Dissect flow after packet manglingIdo Schimmel
2021-04-17Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-16mld: fix suspicious RCU usage in __ipv6_dev_mc_dec()Taehee Yoo
2021-04-14Merge branch 'master' of git:// S. Miller
2021-04-13icmp: ICMPV6: pass RFC 8335 reply messages to ping_rcvAndreas Roeseler
2021-04-13net: ip6_tunnel: Unregister catch-all devicesHristo Venev
2021-04-13net: sit: Unregister catch-all devicesHristo Venev
2021-04-12Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-13netfilter: x_tables: fix compat match/target pad out-of-bound writeFlorian Westphal
2021-04-12net: seg6: trivial fix of a spelling mistake in commentAndrea Mayer
2021-04-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-08net: ipv6: check for validity before dereferencing cfg->fc_nlinfo.nlhMuhammad Usama Anjum
2021-04-08ipv6: report errors for iftoken via netlink extackStephen Hemminger
2021-04-06Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-06netfilter: nf_defrag_ipv6: use net_generic infraFlorian Westphal
2021-04-05net-ipv6: bugfix - raw & sctp - switch to ipv6_can_nonlocal_bind()Maciej ┼╗enczykowski
2021-04-05mld: change lockdep annotation for ip6_sf_socklist and ipv6_mc_socklistTaehee Yoo
2021-04-02mptcp: add mptcp reset option supportFlorian Westphal
2021-04-02Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-01net: ipv6: Refactor in rt6_age_examine_exceptionXu Jia
2021-04-01udp: Implement ->read_sock() for sockmapCong Wang
2021-04-01sock: Introduce sk->sk_prot->psock_update_sk_prot()Cong Wang
2021-03-31ipv6: remove extra dev_hold() for fallback tunnelsEric Dumazet
2021-03-31ipv6: convert elligible sysctls to u8Eric Dumazet
2021-03-31Merge branch 'master' of git:// S. Miller
2021-03-31ip6_tunnel: sit: proper dev_{hold|put} in ndo_[un]init methodsEric Dumazet
2021-03-30udp: properly complete L4 GRO over UDP tunnel packetPaolo Abeni
2021-03-30udp: fixup csum for GSO receive slow pathPaolo Abeni
2021-03-31netfilter: nf_log_ipv6: merge with nf_log_syslogFlorian Westphal
2021-03-30ipv6: add ipv6_dev_find to stubsAndreas Roeseler