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2021-06-10mptcp: fix soft lookup in subflow_error_report()Paolo Abeni
2021-06-10mptcp: do not warn on bad input from the networkPaolo Abeni
2021-06-10mptcp: wake-up readers only for in sequence dataPaolo Abeni
2021-06-10mptcp: try harder to borrow memory from subflow under pressurePaolo Abeni
2021-06-10mptcp: Fix out of bounds when parsing TCP optionsMaxim Mikityanskiy
2021-05-28mptcp: do not reset MP_CAPABLE subflow on mapping errorsPaolo Abeni
2021-05-28mptcp: always parse mptcp options for MPC reqskPaolo Abeni
2021-05-28mptcp: fix sk_forward_memory corruption on retransmissionPaolo Abeni
2021-05-25mptcp: validate 'id' when stopping the ADD_ADDR retransmit timerDavide Caratti
2021-05-25mptcp: avoid error message on infinite mappingPaolo Abeni
2021-05-25mptcp: drop unconditional pr_warn on bad optPaolo Abeni
2021-05-25mptcp: avoid OOB access in setsockopt()Paolo Abeni
2021-05-11mptcp: fix data stream corruptionPaolo Abeni
2021-05-07mptcp: fix splat when closing unaccepted socketPaolo Abeni
2021-04-26Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-23mptcp: add MSG_PEEK supportYonglong Li
2021-04-23mptcp: ignore unsupported msg flagsPaolo Abeni
2021-04-23mptcp: implement MSG_TRUNC supportPaolo Abeni
2021-04-23mptcp: implement dummy MSG_ERRQUEUE supportPaolo Abeni
2021-04-23mptcp: Retransmit DATA_FINMat Martineau
2021-04-16mptcp: use mptcp_for_each_subflow in mptcp_closeGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: add tracepoint in subflow_check_data_availGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: add tracepoint in ack_update_mskGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: add tracepoint in get_mapping_statusGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: add tracepoint in mptcp_subflow_get_sendGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: export mptcp_subflow_activeGeliang Tang
2021-04-16mptcp: fix format specifiers for unsigned intGeliang Tang
2021-04-16kunit: mptcp: adhere to KUNIT formatting standardNico Pache
2021-04-16mptcp: sockopt: add TCP_CONGESTION and TCP_INFOFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: SO_DEBUG and no-op optionsFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: add SO_INCOMING_CPUFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: add SO_MARK supportFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: support SO_LINGERFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: handle receive/send buffer and device bindFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: setsockopt: handle SO_KEEPALIVE and SO_PRIORITYFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: tag sequence_seq with socket stateFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: add skeleton to sync msk socket options to subflowsFlorian Westphal
2021-04-16mptcp: only admit explicitly supported sockoptPaolo Abeni
2021-04-16mptcp: move sockopt function into a new filePaolo Abeni
2021-04-16mptcp: revert "mptcp: forbit mcast-related sockopt on MPTCP sockets"Matthieu Baerts
2021-04-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-07mptcp: drop all sub-options except ADD_ADDR when the echo bit is setDavide Caratti
2021-04-07mptcp: unify add_addr(6)_generate_hmacGeliang Tang
2021-04-07mptcp: drop MPTCP_ADDR_IPVERSION_4/6Geliang Tang
2021-04-07mptcp: use mptcp_addr_info in mptcp_options_receivedGeliang Tang
2021-04-07mptcp: drop OPTION_MPTCP_ADD_ADDR6Geliang Tang
2021-04-07mptcp: use mptcp_addr_info in mptcp_out_optionsGeliang Tang
2021-04-07mptcp: move flags and ifindex out of mptcp_addr_infoGeliang Tang
2021-04-02mptcp: add mptcp reset option supportFlorian Westphal
2021-04-02mptcp: remove unneeded check on first subflowPaolo Abeni