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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-06-10Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-06-10netfilter: synproxy: Fix out of bounds when parsing TCP optionsMaxim Mikityanskiy
2021-06-09netfilter: nf_tables: initialize set before expression setupPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-06-02netfilter: nfnetlink_cthelper: hit EBUSY on updates if size mismatchesPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-06-02netfilter: nft_ct: skip expectations for confirmed conntrackPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-27ipvs: ignore IP_VS_SVC_F_HASHED flag when adding serviceJulian Anastasov
2021-05-24netfilter: nf_tables: fix table flag updatesPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-21netfilter: nf_tables: extended netlink error reporting for chain typePablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-21netfilter: nf_tables: missing error reporting for not selected expressionsPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-20netfilter: conntrack: unregister ipv4 sockopts on error unwindFlorian Westphal
2021-05-14netfilter: nft_set_pipapo_avx2: Add irq_fpu_usable() check, fallback to non-A...Stefano Brivio
2021-05-14netfilter: flowtable: Remove redundant hw refresh bitRoi Dayan
2021-05-07netfilter: nftables: avoid potential overflows on 32bit archesEric Dumazet
2021-05-07netfilter: nftables: avoid overflows in nft_hash_buckets()Eric Dumazet
2021-05-05netfilter: nftables: Fix a memleak from userdata error path in new objectsPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-05netfilter: remove BUG_ON() after skb_header_pointer()Pablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-05netfilter: nfnetlink_osf: Fix a missing skb_header_pointer() NULL checkPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-05-05netfilter: nfnetlink: add a missing rcu_read_unlock()Eric Dumazet
2021-05-03netfilter: xt_SECMARK: add new revision to fix structure layoutPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-27netfilter: nft_socket: fix build with CONFIG_SOCK_CGROUP_DATA=nArnd Bergmann
2021-04-27netfilter: nft_socket: fix an unused variable warningArnd Bergmann
2021-04-27netfilter: nftables: add catch-all set element supportPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-27netfilter: nftables: add helper function to validate set element dataPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-27netfilter: nftables: add helper function to flush set elementsPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-27netfilter: nftables: add loop check helper functionPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-27netfilter: nftables: rename set element data activation/deactivation functionsPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: allow to turn off xtables compat layerFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: nfnetlink: consolidate callback typesPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nfnetlink: pass struct nfnl_info to batch callbacksPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nfnetlink: pass struct nfnl_info to rcu callbacksPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nfnetlink: add struct nfnl_info and pass it to callbacksPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nftables: add nft_pernet() helper functionPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nf_log_syslog: Unset bridge logger in pernet exitPhil Sutter
2021-04-26netfilter: ip_tables: pass table pointer via nf_hook_opsFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: x_tables: add xt_find_tableFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: disable defrag once its no longer neededFlorian Westphal
2021-04-26netfilter: nft_socket: add support for cgroupsv2Pablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-26netfilter: nat: move nf_xfrm_me_harder to where it is usedFlorian Westphal
2021-04-19Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-04-18netfilter: nftables: counter hardware offload supportPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-18netfilter: nftables_offload: special ethertype handling for VLANPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-18netfilter: nftables_offload: VLAN id needs host byteorder in flow dissectorPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-18netfilter: nft_payload: fix C-VLAN offload supportPablo Neira Ayuso
2021-04-17Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-13netfilter: flowtable: Add FLOW_OFFLOAD_XMIT_UNSPEC xmit typeRoi Dayan
2021-04-13netfilter: conntrack: convert sysctls to u8Florian Westphal
2021-04-13netfilter: conntrack: move ct counter to net_generic dataFlorian Westphal
2021-04-13netfilter: conntrack: move expect counter to net_generic dataFlorian Westphal
2021-04-13netfilter: conntrack: move autoassign_helper sysctl to net_generic dataFlorian Westphal
2021-04-13netfilter: conntrack: move autoassign warning member to net_generic dataFlorian Westphal