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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-18tipc: simplify the finalize work queueXin Long
2021-05-17tipc: wait and exit until all work queues are doneXin Long
2021-05-17tipc: skb_linearize the head skb when reassembling msgsXin Long
2021-05-14Revert "net:tipc: Fix a double free in tipc_sk_mcast_rcv"Hoang Le
2021-05-10tipc: make node link identity publish thread safeHoang Le
2021-04-29Merge tag 'net-next-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-27Merge tag 'cfi-v5.13-rc1' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-08treewide: Change list_sort to use const pointersSami Tolvanen
2021-04-07net: tipc: Fix spelling errors in net/tipc moduleZheng Yongjun
2021-04-06tipc: increment the tmp aead refcnt before attaching itXin Long
2021-04-05tipc: Fix a kernel-doc warning in name_table.cWu XiangCheng
2021-04-05mld: change lockdep annotation for ip6_sf_socklist and ipv6_mc_socklistTaehee Yoo
2021-04-01tipc: fix unique bearer names sanity checkHoang Le
2021-03-31net/tipc: fix missing destroy_workqueue() on error in tipc_crypto_start()Yang Yingliang
2021-03-29tipc: fix htmldoc and smatch warningsJon Maloy
2021-03-29net:tipc: Fix a double free in tipc_sk_mcast_rcvLv Yunlong
2021-03-28node.c: A typo fixBhaskar Chowdhury
2021-03-28bearer.h: Spellos fixedBhaskar Chowdhury
2021-03-26tipc: fix kernel-doc warningsHoang Le
2021-03-25tipc: add extack messages for bearer/media failureHoang Le
2021-03-25Merge git:// S. Miller
2021-03-17tipc: remove some unnecessary warningsJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: add host-endian copy of user subscription to struct tipc_subscriptionJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify api between binding table and topology serverJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_find_service()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_service_find_range()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_nametbl_lookup_group()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_nametbl_lookup_mcast_nodes()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_namtbl_lookup_mcast_sockets()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: refactor tipc_sendmsg() and tipc_lookup_anycast()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: rename binding table lookup functionsJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_nametbl_withdraw() functionsJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify call signatures for publication creationJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: simplify signature of tipc_namtbl_publish()Jon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: introduce new unified address type for internal useJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: move creation of publication item one level up in call chainJon Maloy
2021-03-17tipc: re-organize members of struct publicationJon Maloy
2021-03-15tipc: better validate user input in tipc_nl_retrieve_key()Eric Dumazet
2021-03-11tipc: clean up warnings detected by sparseHoang Huu Le
2021-03-11tipc: convert dest node's address to network orderHoang Le
2021-01-27tipc: remove duplicated code in tipc_msg_createHoang Huu Le
2021-01-14Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-01-14net: tip: fix a couple kernel-doc markupsMauro Carvalho Chehab
2021-01-09tipc: fix NULL deref in tipc_link_xmit()Hoang Le
2021-01-05net: tipc: Replace expression with offsetof()Zheng Yongjun
2020-12-16tipc: do sanity check payload of a netlink messageHoang Le
2020-12-11Merge git:// Kicinski
2020-12-08net: tipc: prevent possible null deref of linkCengiz Can
2020-12-04tipc: support 128bit node identity for peer removingHoang Le