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2021-06-18cfg80211: avoid double free of PMSR requestAvraham Stern
2021-06-18cfg80211: make certificate generation more robustJohannes Berg
2021-06-09cfg80211: shut down interfaces on failed resumeJohannes Berg
2021-06-09cfg80211: fix phy80211 symlink creationJohannes Berg
2021-05-31cfg80211: call cfg80211_leave_ocb when switching away from OCBDu Cheng
2021-05-11cfg80211: mitigate A-MSDU aggregation attacksMathy Vanhoef
2021-05-11mac80211: properly handle A-MSDUs that start with an RFC 1042 headerMathy Vanhoef
2021-04-29Merge tag 'net-next-5.13' of git:// Torvalds
2021-04-27cfg80211: fix locking in netlink owner interface destructionJohannes Berg
2021-04-20Merge tag 'mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-04-20' of git:// S. Miller
2021-04-19cfg80211: scan: drop entry from hidden_list on overflowJohannes Berg
2021-04-19nl80211/cfg80211: add a flag to negotiate for LMR feedback in NDP rangingAvraham Stern
2021-04-19cfg80211: constify ieee80211_get_response_rate returnJoe Perches
2021-04-09Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-04-08nl80211: fix beacon head validationJohannes Berg
2021-04-08cfg80211: Remove wrong RNR IE validation checkIlan Peer
2021-04-08nl80211: fix potential leak of ACL paramsJohannes Berg
2021-04-08cfg80211: check S1G beacon compat element lengthJohannes Berg
2021-04-08cfg80211: allow specifying a reason for hw_rfkillEmmanuel Grumbach
2021-04-08nl80211: Add missing line in nl80211_fils_discovery_policyAloka Dixit
2021-04-08cfg80211: regulatory: use DEFINE_SPINLOCK() for spinlockQiheng Lin
2021-04-08cfg80211: remove WARN_ON() in cfg80211_sme_connectDu Cheng
2021-04-07net: remove the new_ifindex argument from dev_change_net_namespaceAndrei Vagin
2021-04-05net: Allow to specify ifindex when device is moved to another namespaceAndrei Vagin
2021-03-28reg.c: Fix a spelloBhaskar Chowdhury
2021-03-16wireless/nl80211: fix wdev_id may be used uninitializedJarod Wilson
2021-03-16nl80211: fix locking for wireless device netns changeJohannes Berg
2021-02-12cfg80211/mac80211: Support disabling HE modeBen Greear
2021-02-12cfg80211: initialize reg_rule in __freq_reg_info()Luca Coelho
2021-02-12cfg80211: remove unused callbackMatteo Croce
2021-02-02Merge tag 'mac80211-next-for-net-next-2021-02-02' of git:// Kicinski
2021-02-01cfg80211: fix netdev registration deadlockJohannes Berg
2021-01-28Merge git:// Kicinski
2021-01-28cfg80211: call cfg80211_destroy_ifaces() with wiphy lock heldJohannes Berg
2021-01-28wext: call cfg80211_set_encryption() with wiphy lock heldJohannes Berg
2021-01-28wext: call cfg80211_change_iface() with wiphy lock heldJohannes Berg
2021-01-28nl80211: call cfg80211_dev_rename() under RTNLJohannes Berg
2021-01-26wext: fix NULL-ptr-dereference with cfg80211's lack of commit()Johannes Berg
2021-01-26cfg80211: avoid holding the RTNL when calling the driverJohannes Berg
2021-01-22cfg80211: change netdev registration/unregistration semanticsJohannes Berg
2021-01-22cfg80211: Add phyrate conversion support for extended MCS in 60GHz bandMax Chen
2021-01-22cfg80211: add VHT rate entries for MCS-10 and MCS-11Arend van Spriel
2021-01-08cfg80211: Save the regulatory domain with a lockIlan Peer
2021-01-05cfg80211: select CONFIG_CRC32Arnd Bergmann
2020-12-12Merge tag 'mac80211-next-for-net-next-2020-12-11' of git:// Kicinski
2020-12-11Merge git:// Kicinski
2020-12-11nl80211: add common API to configure SAR power limitationsCarl Huang
2020-12-11cfg80211: support immediate reconnect request hintJohannes Berg
2020-12-11nl80211: validate key indexes for cfg80211_registered_deviceAnant Thazhemadam
2020-12-11cfg80211: include block-tx flag in channel switch started eventJohannes Berg