path: root/scripts/dummy-tools
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-05-17kbuild: dummy-tools: adjust to stricter stackprotector checkMichal Kubecek
2021-04-25kbuild: check the minimum assembler version in KconfigMasahiro Yamada
2021-03-11kbuild: dummy-tools: adjust to scripts/cc-version.shMasahiro Yamada
2021-03-11kbuild: dummy-tools: support MPROFILE_KERNEL checks for ppcJiri Slaby
2021-03-10kbuild: dummy-tools: fix inverted tests for gccJiri Slaby
2021-01-23kbuild: simplify GCC_PLUGINS enablement in dummy-tools/gccMasahiro Yamada
2020-04-09kbuild: add dummy toolchains to enable all cc-option etc. in KconfigMasahiro Yamada