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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-16get_maintainer: exclude MAINTAINERS file(s) from --git-fallbackJoe Perches
2020-10-16get_maintainer: add test for file in VCSJoe Perches
2020-06-04get_maintainer: fix unexpected behavior for path/to//file (double slashes)Joe Perches
2020-06-04get_maintainer: add email addresses from .yaml filesJoe Perches
2020-02-21scripts/ deprioritize old Fixes: addressesDouglas Anderson
2020-02-21get_maintainer: remove uses of P: for maintainer nameJoe Perches
2019-12-04scripts/ add signatures from Fixes: <badcommit> lines in co...Joe Perches
2019-07-16get_maintainer: add ability to skip moderated mailing listsJoe Perches
2018-08-22get_maintainer: allow option --mpath <directory> to read all files in <direct...Joe Perches add -mpath=<path or file> for MAINTAINERS file locationJoe Perches
2018-08-22get_maintainer: allow usage outside of kernel treeAntonio Nino Diaz
2018-06-07get_maintainer: improve patch recognitionJoe Perches
2018-06-07scripts: use SPDX tag in get_maintainer and checkpatchJoe Perches
2017-11-17get_maintainer: add more --self-test optionsJoe Perches
2017-11-17get_maintainer: add --self-test for internal consistency testsTom Saeger
2017-08-08get_maintainer: Prepare for separate MAINTAINERS filesJoe Perches
2017-05-14scripts: Switch to more portable Perl shebangKamil Rytarowski
2016-12-12get_maintainer: look for arbitrary letter prefixes in sectionsJoe Perches
2016-08-26get_maintainer: quiet noisy implicit -f vcs_file_exists checkingJoe Perches
2016-08-10get_maintainer: Don't check if STDIN exists in a VCS repositoryJoe Perches reduce need for command-line option -fJoe Perches
2016-01-20scripts/ handle file names beginning with ./Joe Perches
2015-11-06get_maintainer: add subsystem to reviewer outputJoe Perches
2015-11-06get_maintainer: --r (list reviewer) is on by defaultBrian Norris
2015-11-06get_maintainer: add --no-foo options to --helpBrian Norris
2015-11-06get_maintainer: it's '--pattern-depth', not '-pattern-depth'Brian Norris
2015-11-06get_maintainer: add missing documentation for --git-blame-signaturesBrian Norris
2015-06-25get_maintainer: fix perl 5.22/5.24 deprecated/incompatible "\C" useJoe Perches
2015-06-25get_maintainer: emit longer section headersJoe Perches add .get_maintainer.ignore file capabilityJoe Perches
2014-07-08scripts: Teach about the new "R:" tagJoe Perches
2014-02-10get_maintainer: fix detection of git repositoryRichard Genoud
2014-01-23get_maintainer: add commit author information to --rolestatsJoe Perches
2013-04-29get_maintainer: use filename-only regex match for TegraStephen Warren
2013-02-27get_maintainer: allow keywords to match filenamesStephen Warren find maintainers for removed filesGeert Uytterhoeven
2012-06-20get_maintainer: Fix --help warningJoe Perches add support for moderated listsRichard Weinberger
2012-03-23get_maintainer: use a default "unknown" S: status/roleJoe Perches follow renames when looking up commit signersIan Campbell
2011-08-25scripts/ update Linus's git repositoryRalf Thielow improve .mailmap parsingJoe Perches allow "K:" pattern tests to match non-patch textJoe Perches
2011-01-13scripts/ use --git-fallback more oftenJoe Perches
2011-01-13scripts/ make --rolestats the defaultJoe Perches
2010-10-26scripts/ don't deduplicate unnamed addresses ie: mailing listsJoe Perches
2010-10-26scripts/ use mailmap in name deduplication and other updatesJoe Perches
2010-10-26scripts/ correct indentation in a few placesJoe Perches
2010-10-26scripts/ fix mailmap handlingFlorian Mickler
2010-10-26scripts/ use case insensitive name de-duplicationJoe Perches