path: root/security/integrity/platform_certs
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-11integrity: Load mokx variables into the blacklist keyringEric Snowberg
2021-03-11certs: Add EFI_CERT_X509_GUID support for dbx entriesEric Snowberg
2020-09-16integrity: Load certs from the EFI MOK config tableLenny Szubowicz
2020-09-16integrity: Move import of MokListRT certs to a separate routineLenny Szubowicz
2020-02-26Merge tag 'efi-next' of git:// Molnar
2020-02-23integrity: Check properly whether EFI GetVariable() is availableArd Biesheuvel
2020-02-18efi: Only print errors about failing to get certs if EFI vars are foundJavier Martinez Canillas
2019-11-29x86/efi: remove unused variablesYueHaibing
2019-11-13powerpc: Load firmware trusted keys/hashes into kernel keyringNayna Jain
2019-11-13x86/efi: move common keyring handler functions to new fileNayna Jain
2019-07-10Revert "Merge tag 'keys-acl-20190703' of git:// Torvalds
2019-06-27keys: Replace uid/gid/perm permissions checking with an ACLDavid Howells
2019-04-26s390/ipl: read IPL report at early bootMartin Schwidefsky
2018-12-12efi: Allow the "db" UEFI variable to be suppressedJosh Boyer
2018-12-12efi: Import certificates from UEFI Secure BootJosh Boyer
2018-12-12efi: Add an EFI signature blob parserDave Howells
2018-12-12integrity: Load certs to the platform keyringNayna Jain
2018-12-12integrity: Define a trusted platform keyringNayna Jain